Why did FB take a big hit today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by noob_trad3r, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Any news on why?

    OR insiders dumping more on the masses.
  2. hajimow


    UBS is angry because of its loss in FB. It shows that they don't have a hope for a comeback. FB will be at 19 in a week. evern if market rallies. If you have FB, sell at market now. one hours later you will pat yourself in the back. Buy YHOO !!
  3. hajimow


    or buy ZINGA....................... bazinga:D
  4. lwlee


    hajimow, I'm still waiting for u to run naked in street. :D

  5. hajimow


    The bet was that it won't hit $30 and it did but look at it now. By the time I took my clothes off to run on the street, FB dropped below $30 so I covered myself.:)
  6. Early exit before FED Wednesday special? More negative reinforcing of the FB investment scam? This starting to look like the Tulip Bubble, Mississippi Company, South China Sea Company etc...In time FB will get its name in the Wall Street Hall of Shame for investment FUBARs.
  7. What Facebook has going for them is that they have a real business with revenue, profit and growth. But when you crunch the numbers you can't justify the stock in the 20's. Perhaps $15-18 a share?
  8. SamGold


    Because someone wanted to screw Sucker-Berg?. I think it's personal.
  9. I think you will see a technical bounce on a 50% retraction.
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