Why did Europe open the door so much for Islamics?

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  1. I remember in the 1980s You went to Paris, London, Amsterdam etc.. and the people were natives of the country. And you felt like you were in different countries.

    Go now and what a difference time makes. It is like they opened up the floodgates and invited them all in. It seems little by little those countries are gonna end up primarily full of Muslims etc.. Why did they do this?
  2. It's pre-mediated. The West is committing economic, political, and demographic suicide.
  3. Demographic suicide in what sense? Demographic suicide in the developed societies in the West is what happens when you prevent immigration, rather than encourage it.

    In terms of the OP's question, for countries like France and the UK, it's all about the colonial past.
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    Is that what Jesus told you?
  5. Well in the latest census I see, 90-95% of people living in britain identify themselves as white which is way higher than in the USA.
  6. No, it's not. Boatloads of third-world refugees are fast-tracked through the system and put on welfare, while other skilled and well-heeled immigrants wait at the back of the line, sometimes for years. Nobody wants these Muslim refugees here. 9/10 Americans, real Americans (white or black), don't want Mexicans overrunning the country. Part of the reason refugees are given priority access to European and Canadian immigration courts - it's a political steam-valve to promote stability in the middle-east. Many of these refugees have a criminal and seditious history, we'd rather police here, than topple Governments, over there. That's why Canada imports so many Kurds, as does the the EU. The State Department lists the Kurdish Liberation Army as a terrorist organization, yet Canada and Europe rubberstamp tons of Kurdish refugees who claim affiliation with the KLA. Why? Turkey is a hugely important NATO ally and their strong Kurdish minority represents a real threat to Turkeys internal stability..

    As for the rest of it, Western fertility is plunging, while sterility has gone parabolic. Food additives, pesticides, GMO and BPA are responsible for that. Those are all "Federally Approved", at one level, or another. The media vilify multi-child families as enemies of the environment while hold up China's one child policy, as a good thing. The over-population meme is drummed into our heads every time we watch TV. We're not replacing ourselves, and the immigrants we do let in, many are borderline criminal, and at the least, broke off their ass and a financial drain on society. They view the nations social services as something to be gamed, rather than conserved.
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    It is not a question of embarrassment. It is a question of spiritual disconnect. How do you reconcile your views with the gentle teachings of your lord and savior, who has made himself known to you? Remember, I'm the soulless atheist.
  8. Clearly you did try to embarrass me by asking if Jesus told me that. It was a stupid thing to say, but you're a devout atheist who views any religious faith as something to be scorned and ridiculed.

    So what's your question? Disconnect how? I don't see your point.
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    No, that would be you reading yourself into my question. Projection, as it were. I am not embarrassed about my views, so I don't expect you to be embarrassed about your beliefs.
    Precisely. THAT is my point.
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