Why did Denver trade Culter to the Bears? Because the Bears are stupid...

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  1. Monday, August 17, 2009
    Cutler criticizes Hester after interception
    Associated Press

    BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- One game into the preseason and already Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has had to smooth things out with one of his wide receivers.

    Cutler commented to reporters about wide receiver Devin Hester's failure to break up an interception on a pass that fell short Saturday night following the team's 27-20 preseason loss to Buffalo. His remark seemed to rub some people the wrong way.

    "Devin is more of a go-get-it guy; he is not really a back shoulder or jump-up-and-get-it [guy]," Cutler said Saturday. "You learn from it.

    "We made some mistakes. It's the first preseason game. Luckily enough, we have some time to correct them and keep going."

    The Bills' Leodis McKelvin intercepted the pass.

    Hester admitted Monday that Cutler's comment upset him at first.

    "But then he [Cutler] said he didn't say it," Hester said.

    Hester said they're just getting to know each other.

    "It wasn't criticism or anything like that," Hester said. "He was saying, you are not a 6-8 receiver. You can't go up and get everything. But we know you are the type of receiver if we throw it out there, you will go get it."

    Cutler was not available for comment. He is only made available to the media in Bears camp on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    Offensive coordinator Ron Turner said Cutler should have checked down to a shorter receiver route when he had to slide up in the pocket on the play rather than put the ball up for grabs.

    Nevertheless, Turner likes Cutler's competitive attitude.

    "I look at that as a good thing," Turner said. "He's got an edge about him that you better have if you're going to be an elite quarterback in this league."

    Turner said occasionally he might need to talk to Cutler about being critical of teammates, but not every time.

    "We don't want to temper that too much," Turner said. "Jay is an emotional guy and he's a fiery guy and he's a fiery competitor. That's why he's an elite quarterback."

    Cutler's candid remarks got him into trouble when he played for Denver last year. Cutler went 5-for-10 Saturday for 64 yards with the one interception.

    Coach Lovie Smith sought to call the entire matter forgotten.

    "There are a lot of things said when we're not playing the type of football we know we are capable of," Smith said. "We went back to the practice field today. We have no issues except our team trying to get better."

    The Bears host the New York Giants in their home preseason opener Saturday night.
  2. Bears are lucky have Cutler. He'll make them a better team and they weren't too bad last year. Hester's talent is what he does after he catches the ball. He ran back 6 kickoffs and punts for td's , that's huge. Its too way too early to make judgement like that.
  3. A cancer makes a team better?

    If you say so...

  4. CRA


    You are an idiot who has no clue what he is talking about, both

    the bears and bills will finish this year with as good, or better

    records than they had last year, owens and cutler are not

    cancer. Ass holes like you should just learn to shut their mouth

    once in a while.
  5. You really know professional football, don't you?


  6. CRA


    Obviuosly a hell of alot better than you do, i guarantee the bears

    and bills both finish with better records than last year, anyone

    willing to take the bet step up now.

  7. I live in a state near Colorado so naturally everyone is a Broncos fan. I don't follow football at all so I just go by what I hear people talking about and I have never heard a more upset group of fans. They are very pessimistic about the Cutler trade and the Broncos season in general, it will be a very interesting year for sure. Now for you Chicago guys what is the "buzz" like about Cutler?
  8. You are making a guarantee?


  9. fhl


    It's really, really, optimistic. Cutler is lookin good right now.

    And I'm not a bit surprised that Denver fans are po'd about Orton. If my team traded Cutler for Orton, I'd be considering getting a new team to watch.
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    phil gets into it with tomlinson

    phil rewarded with 90 mill

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