Why did Chinese premier choose to publicly humiliate Obama at Copenhagen?

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  1. "Why did Chinese premier Wen Jiabao choose to publicly humiliate Barack Obama at Copenhagen? In their eyes, and in those of much of the world, he has lost face, and with it, power and influence. While getting widespread play overseas, this story has been kept very quiet by our disinterested, nonpartisan media (I haven't seen it mentioned in any major U.S. outlet).

    After promising to meet the Messiah at 7:00 p.m., Premier Wen stood him up in favor of a meeting with the leaders of India, South Africa, and Brazil. Rather than wait, a no-doubt infuriated Obama stalked into the room in question and demanded, "Are you ready to see me, Premier Wen?" No word on Wen's reaction, though he did submit to a discussion on the spot that evidently sealed the release of the immortal and glorious Copenhagen Quasi-Agreement on Climate Change.

    So with Barack Obama, we've reached the point where the leader of record of the most powerful state in history has become a man you can casually stand up. But the question remains: Why?"

  2. Communist China has the US by the balls, they can do whatever they like...

    Just another example of how America lost the war to Red China because the American corporations sold out America out of greed...

    This wasn't about climate change at all, this was about showing the world who is now calling the shots...

  3. Exactly, this has nothing to do with "Obama" per se. Or Bush for that matter.
    both the left 7 the right sold the country's interests to China, they're just flexing their muscles.
  4. The true left wing does not support the corporations over the working class.

    So make it the corporate dems and corporate repubs that sold out America...

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  6. This is all consumer driven. Untill the public is willing to pay $3 more for an USA made tee-shirt, production will continue to go to the low producer
  7. Bullshit...

    This is corporate greed driven...

    Corporations made a deal with communist China out of greed.

    Dumb fucking right wingers think that is okay to get into bed with a communist country because corporations make money.

    Assholes on the right like you sold out America...and then wave the flag. Disgusting.

  8. So now you are promoting a policy of sanctions, isolation and disengagement. Just like we did with Cuba.
    I thought you Liberals like to talk and engage with all despots.
  9. You betcha I am for sanctions against corporations who take jobs away from America, and then employ methods to avoid paying income taxes...

  10. If you force corporations to make things in the USA , you are only taxing the consumer. You make the poor poorer. Widen the gap between rich and poor just like most ideas of the Liberals limpy's.
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