Why did Bush Jr. Not go to the 9/11 event to honor the victims today?

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  1. He declined the offer? Why did he not go to this event to honor the victims of 9/11?

    I wonder if he is pissed that Bin Laden was killed.
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  3. Clinton let him get away.

    Bush let him get away.

    Might be a pattern there.
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    Bush made it known last year that he preferred to stay out of the spotlight.
  5. Obama is a political snake.

    Suppose Palin or McCain was President, you think Bush would accept the offer?

    I already spoke for Bush,

    "I loosened it for ya" :D
  6. He was busy reading to kindergarten kids.
  7. That is quite odd. The two presidents that let him get away did not want to attend.
  8. Would you attend if you were in their shoes? Who wants to go an event where the new guy has bragging rights?
  9. Are all Cubans stupid like you?
  10. "With his death, Osama bin Laden's name and story will forever be correlated with that of Barack Obama."

    Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

    What if that is Obama's only achievement in office?

    Might be a good move on the part of Bush and Clinton to let Obama have all the "glory".

    Obama is still a young guy, this may come back to bite him in the ass, years in the future. Ya never know.

    Interesting Obama never mentioned Osama at the ground zero ceremony.

    p.s I wonder if Michelle ever had a few drinks and called him Osama, seems everyone else occasionally makes the mistake.:D

    Obama "Stop calling me that.. you're drunk".:cool: "Cover your face".

    Michelle "Wait a minute here mister, we're not in France".
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