Why Did Bright Close It's Dallas Office?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Jessica Spears, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. You don't have an AC in your car or something? What are you talking about.

    All I know is BT is closing a lot of offices down across the U.S.

    I tried to find what few offices are left and couldn't find a list on their website. Anyone know where I can find a list?
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  2. Geez, how bout cha look at the top of the page, and click on the link where it says, "locations".?

    Give it a rest.

    Here, I did it for you.

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  3. You click locations and it takes you here:

    I couldn't find nothing on there. Maybe I am blind and missed it. Do you see the cities listed anywhere?
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  4. Surdo


    Jessica seems to have an agenda here, did you blow up your account at Bright? I smell a sockpuppet.

    I do not know Don personally, but he has an excellent reputation in the business and has always been a stand up guy on here.
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  5. My guess is Texans, don't want to drive to work ;) Who needs an office when your 5000sq ft home is plenty big. I only used an office when the technology was not up to snuff. Now I feel its comparable, if not better.
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  6. JayS



    I found this cached image (Mar 26, 2005)
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  7. JayS


    Yep, here in Houston you can get a nice 5k sqft home for 400k, only thing that sucks is the property taxes.
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  8. No agenda, just trying to find out information. It's just frustrating seeing them closing down offices when I want to see them opening offices. And then when you go to find a location, it's difficult to track them down. I check the About BT section, I searched the site and could not find anything. Again, it is probably there somewhere. I just can't find it. Maybe you can find it?


    Like the posters who replied in this thread wanting a prop in NY in his area, he use to have one in the area. I just don't get that. If you have a successful business model, expansion means more revenue. I can understand closing a few down, but closing offices down in major cities? I'm just confused as to why that happened.

    Believing it's because of the weather seems silly. There are a lot of prop shops open in much hotter locations. :)

    Come on, don't give me that.
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  9. Surdo


    How many posts are you going to spread the same slanderous sewage?

    What did Don do to you?

    You are an obvious SOCK PUPPET.

    Enough already!
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  10. For the record, I do think Don Bright is a great guy. His posts on here are very informative and it would be hard to say anything negative directly about him.

    In regards to Bright Trading, I do feel it is a great firm as well. It's been around for years and does have an excellent reputation.

    To clarify I am not questioning BT or saying you should avoid them. I think they are at the top of the list among prop firms to choose from.

    What I am wondering is, and this is simply a question about the direction of the firm, why are they shutting down offices in major cities?

    Am I the only one here that feels this is a bad move from a management standpoint? Traders want those offices to remain open. So what is going on?
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