why did BP cut the riser stub so short

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  1. Less room for error and less surface area for a cap to attach. I cant tell if its capped yet, at least its not a gusher.
  2. Some is still leaking. Hope this gets most of it... :(
  3. Fury at BP Turns Into Protests and Vandalism

    Friday’s protest organized by eight groups—Center for Biological Diversity, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Energy Action Coalition, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Hip Hop Caucus, Public Citizen and 350.org—will take place in front of BP’s headquarters.


    When Saddam Hussein made a mess of the Kuwait oil fields, not a peep from anybody.
  4. Great point. The US Army saved a disaster in Kuwait and the Persian Gulf. Red Adair plugged a record amount of oil wells.

    But don't worry now that Obama 'furious' over Gulf oil spill.
  5. Why dont they just unbolt that stub riser and bolt a large pipe in its place that has a shut off valve? Its now a small piece to take off, they could bring it up and fab a replacement in a few hours. That would be turned totally off.

    This cap is not working good. Send Biden down there to hold the wrench.