Why democrats won by land slide.

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  1. Not too long ago In last presidential election people turned out in record number and gave control of The House, Senate, and white house to republicans to fix things that were important to the country. People wanted real changes to fix social security, illegal immigration, affordable(not socialized) healthcare, lower defecits.

    Instead we got very corrupt congress and a Retard for president. By the way I voted for Bush and am dissappointed with the way he governed. We didnt have any better choice at the time. (alternatives were Kerry and Gore). The only thing I approved of that the republican congress did was they initially opposed the $700 billion bailout, but they got lobbied and caved in. People like me and I know hundreds like me who just stayed home and didnt vote for either party. Some people I know even voted democrat to punish the republicans for what they did last 8 years.

    This election was more Anti-bush, Anti-republican congress than it is about pro democrat.

    People wanted change 8 years ago, they wanted change 4 years ago. they wanted change this year. Niether democrats nor republicans are delivering what people want. My guess is people will want change in 4 years again. Becuz these morons in washington just dont get it.
  2. If you don't think Kerry or Gore were better than Bush you are just as stupid as Bush (or his supporters)
  3. Yea not everyone is a genius. Bush was campaigning at the time he will work with democrats to get things done. He wanted to cap medical malpractice awards, which i support, he wanted to pass tort reform, fix social security, He even talked about balancing budgets and smaller government. He didnt do any of those. HE was obsessed with winning Iraq war, that was his only priority. The only thing I liked about gore was his green energy plan.
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    Oh they get "it", it's just that what they get is they have to tell people what they want to hear every couple of years and then go back to the usual business of prostituting themselves to the highest bidder. We're the morons who don't get it and keep thinking that there is an ounce of any real difference between the two major parties.
  5. Bush was also a degenerate alcoholic until his 40s a failed businessman, a mediocre silver spooned fool(also Texecutioner who believed there should be limits to free speech). But because he promised "to return dignity to the white house" and he "found jesus" people were excited. Republican presidential candidates almost always find jesus on the way to the presidency, it is part of the process.

    Back when I was 16 and in high school I knew this dude was lying through his teeth. People did not want "robotic Al Gore and his lockbox" and they paid mightily for it.
  7. There is no way of knowing gore would have been any better. I know he wouldnt have gone to Iraq, but he could fuck up the country in lots of differnt ways.
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    President Gore would not have ignored the Hart-Rudman Commission report and there would have been no 9/11. Is that different enough for you?
  9. Are you f'ing mad? One of the central issues of the 2000 campaign was "character"("charisma" was too but more on that later)

    W biography is filled with failure, mediocrity, privilege. W's daddy got him out of serving in Vietnam, got him into 2 universities he had no business being in and helped him stay afloat otherwise.

    Al Gore was simply more honorable and a cleaner nicer individual. Making people aware about global warming vs Texas Oilman. Hm... Lockbox vs investing it in the markets.

    I was livid when people trumped Bush's character and charisma in 2000. How can a failure be charismatic? Dude never stood on his own 2 feet.

    Gore would have been better 100% if you don't realize this after 8 miserable years under W there is nothing I can tell you.
  10. Gore also went on to win a Nobel prize, an Emmy, and made millions investing in Google.
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