why democracy is flawed

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    fatally maybe?

    just an example of how really stupid the left is, yet at the same time they think of themselves as educated and progressive

    So they want to shut down gov't because it is corporations who have forced and kept us in Afghanistan. Got that? They are gonnna pull an Egypt because microsoft is making us fight in afghanistan. True democracy and government of the people is only what they say it is. They stew in their stupid anger and they produce nothing for society but protests, the tipping point is arriving as demographics is making this type more common.

    Democracy can't work with people like this. They are not happy with simply voting anyway so it's not really democracy that they are after. Democracy only opens the door to communism.
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    The fundamental flaw with Democracy is that once the people realize they can vote to take money from others it is all over. We've reached that point I'm sorry to say.

    We would have to return to a "landowners only" electorate and that is difficult to imagine happening. I say we're finished and there is no place left on earth to go start again.
  4. The real fundamental flaw with democracy is that it can be bought, like all forms of government. It assumes that those in leadership positions with be honest, ethical, and there to serve the nation, not themselves.
    Now the real question is, who is in a better position to buy that leadership? The common worker, or the thugs in the corporate boardrooms? Wasn't all that hard to find the problem, now was it?
  5. wrong.
    the biggest flaw of democracy is that majority of people are plain dumb, stupid, greedy and lazy.
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    Max E.

    The common worker has just as much power to corrupt the government as any corporation does. The corporation posesses power through money, but the common worker possesses power through their vote.

    The entire liberal movement is based on a group of people who steal money from those who have it in order to hand it out to people who do nothing except pull the lever for a democrat every single election.
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    Historically the most powerful lobby has been the AARP, unions are not far behind. I would encourage you to do some reading and thinking while forming an opinion.
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    Don't forget those conspiracy theory nuts either.
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    Workers, ala their unions, are corporations and every bit as corrupt as the GE's of this world
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    The real fundamental problem is that a democracy requires a good and moral citizenry. One that's not about to vote themselves largess from the pockets of their neighbors.

    Once the looters get real power, it's all over.
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