Why deleting?

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  1. .....to the administrator of this site.

    Are we children?

  2. Ebo


    Perhaps try adding something remotely related to Technical Analysis or Trading then.
  3. Qoute from Magna:

    your Elliot Wave blog
    If you simply want to provide a link to your blog then I will relocate it to the Resources Forum where it belongs. If you would like it to be a Journal then you will need to copy/paste the information from your blog to ET. Let me know what you would like to do.

  4. well.... you seem to be whining like one.

    If they deleted your post, it's either because the content was inappropriate or because you were trying to sell your services without paying for the right to do so.


    lol... I posted this then saw your post above which quotes Magna. It sounds to me like a politely worded directive from the mods. Is that what you're complaining about, that they wanted to relocate a thread of yours?

    Talk about childish...
  5. I begun with this blog in the middle of November
    ..and as I said all my blog has been deleted... charts, comments, analysis...all! Today I have updated in agreement with MAGNA

    ...but who has followed my bold advice last week: "not yet the right time to build short positions on ES" " this is only a small correction in ABC (on the hourly time frame)" go long at 1252"...and a new blow off is coming"....buy gold...stay short the EUR/USD has made money... a lot I think

  6. What are you talking about?
    Have you read my blog the past week?

    Really... I don't understand the reason why they have deleted my thread

  7. I am a member of Elite Trade since december 2004

    I don't want to sell anything
    I don't want to add Paypal ...make donation... or similar things
    I don't want money from anyone

    I wanted to share my trading technique ...through my insignificant blog

    This is a real danger for elite trader?

    ahhh....this is freedom?

  8. Actually, it's moot as EW is nebulous at best.
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    Moved to FB.
  10. Ebo


    You my friend are a Babbbbbbbbbbbling fool.
    Why don't you watch College Football or cook dinner.

    Mooooooove on, you apparantly P_ssED off the owner of this site to the point of deletion, perhaps BANNED will make you happier?
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