Why delay on IB trailing stop?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Spark, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Spark


    It was supposed to add trailing stop feature by Aug 1, but why it is not in time?
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    if you want them now, use the beta:

    Release Notes for build 773

    The enhancements and modifications below are in build 772 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation. For clarification on any of the items listed, refer to the appropriate section in the User's Guide, or contact IB customer service.


    Trailing stop orders enabled
    TWS now allows you to use trailing stop orders via Smart order routing. To create a trailing stop, click in the bid (sell order) or ask (buy order) field of a market data line to create an order, and in the Type field on the order management line select TRAIL as the order type. Use the Aux. Price field to set the trailing amount (defaults to $1.00). Or use the the Order Ticket window.

    For more information on trailing stops, see the TWS User's Guide.
  3. Spark


    Thanks Def for the info. I tried beta version of TWS and tried to use trailing but doesn't work. Btw, is this trailing stop is also meant for eminis?
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    i think trailing stops are just for stocks right now. i'm not sure. i've been out of the loop for three weeks and need to catch up on the latest changes. i read an internal mail this AM that TS's were rolled out by user. i.e. X # of users at a time. The note this AM said they should be available for all accounts as of today. that may have been the reason (if you were trying them for stocks).
  5. IB trailing stops don't work for e-minis.
    if you want to have trailing stops on emini, try the program I wrote. go to http://sling.to/autotrader for more info. it is free.

    the IB trailing stop will trail on every tick, with autotrader program, you can specify the number of ticks before the trailing stop moves. this is handy during volatile markets.