Why day Trade?

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    Hmmm....day traders you talk about "only going with the longer term trend" so why even day trade and be restricted by the clock?

    To me day trading is "spinning your wheels" It's stressful, you are tied to the quote machine every day. It's not making money every day and from I can see there is more money to be made position trading.

    I wonder if day traders have actually considered if they really make more money day trading as to holding fr days at a time?

    Any thoughts?
  2. you sound confused big boy!

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    Silly me...I was expecting an educated discussion on the topic but I forgot where I am......This place is unbelievable.

    You know if you do not want to contribute why not keep your mouth shut? Seriously, what was the point of that reply? Flame,fight?

    This has to be the worse forum I have ever been on. The flaming and childishness is unbelievable. I wonder how old most of you are?

    any way...
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    now I get it......Great.


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    you sound confused big boy!

  5. Now I get it


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    who says we go with a trend? trend shmend. like i care where prices were minutes or hours ago...
  7. Dude, read some of the journals. Day traders do quite well.
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    Maybe you should start with an "educated" topic.
  9. Well, I've tried position trading stocks, and day trading the minis.

    Of the two, so far I have the best luck day trading.

    Eventually I'll hopefully get better at position trading. But for now day trading is keeping me solvent.

  10. You have to be the worst on this forum.

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