Why Cuba Human Development is high?

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    Human Development Index (2005) 0.817 (52nd) – high
  2. My cuban buddy says everybody in Cuba each gets two rolls of toilet paper a month.
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    They have an amazing health care system when considering how poor the country is.
  4. They're very good at developing baseball players.
  5. when doctors wages are as much as bus drivers, you bet medical support is affordable to all...
  6. Let's all move to Cuba! ''Free'' health care,"free'' toilet paper,''free''to vote for your president,''free'' market economy,''free'' to work in the sugar cane fields....
  7. just how "amazing" is their health care system? i hear much of it is paramedic types deployed to pull teeth, give shots and dress wounds. anyway, if you are doing only one thing, you're likely to do it better. from what i can see, they are stuck back in 1959, with all them patched up pre '60's U.S. autos on the street.
    they will be better off when fidel is gone and they are free to be whatever they want to be.
  8. After Castro dies, there should be a big influx of people back to the island. Viva La Revoluccion!
  9. Wouldn't it be ironic if even their infant mortality rate is lower than ours?
  10. infant mortality rate per 1000 births:
    Cuba 6.33
    USA 6.50
    don't know how fidel does it when they have to line up for food.
    of 226 countries listed 42 have lower IMR's than the U.S.

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