Why create jobs when everyone can learn how to but & sell virtual real estate!!!!!!

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    YES you heard that right, VIRTUAL FUCKING REAL ESTATE!!!!!!!!

    Here is just another story that baffles me to no end. If this is where the "real world" is headed there are major problems ahead. Why is the government wasting trillions of dollars to create jobs when people can support themselves buying and selling virtual properties. Does anyone understand that this is NON-EXISTENT LAND.

    "He runs a virtual “game preserve” and taxes virtual hunters on his land."


    Wow is this a fucked up system or what, paying taxes in a virtual world.

    Maybe this is where the next asset bubble is.....

    Bloke pays $26,500 for non-existent island
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    22 Feb 2010 | by Nick Farrell | posted in Internet

    Bloke pays $26,500 for non-existent island -

    A bloke has shelled out $26,500 for an island that does not exist and now it makes him $100,000 a year.

    An Aussie, David Storey, 27, has entered the Guinness World Records book for paying the most for a valuable object which is virtual.

    Storey runs Amethera Treasure Island, which he purchased in the virtual world Entropia.

    He runs a virtual “game preserve” and taxes virtual hunters on his land.

    While it sounds daft to us Storey claims to bring in more than $100,000 in real money per year.

    He said he thought it would be “cool to own an island”, and I knew I could run it and be able to pay for my play" says Storey.

    Storey added that Entropia continually evolves, so you have to constantly be watching for new developments. "It's sort of like real life."

    Only in real life if you try to flog something that does not exist do you end up being labelled a physicist.
  2. lol why didnt i think of that. here is another good one for the gullible. selling christians rapture insurance. you promise to take care of their pets when the rapture comes and they magically go to heaven leaving behind their posessions. brilliant. stupidity does pay.

    Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture
    For a fee, this service will place your dog or cat in the home of a caring atheist on Judgment Day
  3. I think this would be good insurance for Al Gore and all the other AGW alarmists. In fact, the whole virtual real estate thingy would be even more perfect for all the AGW kooks. You guys love virtual reality stuff!
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    Heck, people have earned money playing World of Warcraft and Everquest and all the rest for years. People build up powerful characters and sell them for hundreds of dollars. Virtual gold for sale is so common that there are established prices for each server.

    Even games on Facebook have extra virtual stuff you can pay for. I think people are crazy paying real money for virtual stuff in an online world, but I can see how new generations are used to their money practically being virtual and aren't afraid to plunk it down for their own enjoyment.
  5. Yes, this is nothing new. For MMORPG's like Everquest and W.OW, hardcore gamers would "out source" their character to people over seas to play for them while they are at work or doing other things so they can "level" their character faster than the average player. They paid real money for this of course.