why Corn, Soybeans & Wheat are great to daytrade...

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  1. why Corn, Soybeans & Wheat are great to daytrade...

    1-great liquidity
    2-much news about all 3
    3-best to trade them Regular Trading Hours 9:30am-1:15pm CST
    4-small time to trade RTH and therefore better able to focus
    5-later market opening gives ability to see how other markets (SP500, Oil, Gold etc.) might affect trading in Grains
    6-great per point value of $50.00
    7-low daytrade margins
    8-not too much overnight margin if needed
    9-able to focus on as it is "just that commodity"...I.E not 500 stocks like in SP500
    10-they "tend to trend"

    ...thoughts, comments, added insight?
  2. I am quite certain you will be profitable trading these.
  3. thanks...also forgot to mention...Euro would have been trading all night before the RTH open of these grains...notable...
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    Increase- Don't listen to Kass- he gave you a douchebag answer. I understand that you were trying to get a dialogue going and this moron thought he'd be cute.
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    Is there a calendar like forexfactory that shows all relevant news for these markets ?

    I understand that there are some crucial crop and weather reports.

    But what are their release dates and more importantly at what time are they release ?

    thanks appreciate any help.
  6. there used to me a great one at the CBOT website but perhaps there is now one at www.cmegroup.com
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    If you've seen any of Increasenow's previous posts, you would know that "serious discussion" and "increasenow" do not go together!!!!!


    I have come to the conclusion that increasenow is a fake poster that is affiliated with ET. He jumps from market to market and continually posts the same garbage about each topic in order to generate discussion.
  8. you are 100% wrong...go ahead, ask ET administrators directly...
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    While he may be wrong about you working for ET his characterization of your posting history is spot-on ... thus definitely not 100% wrong
  10. +1 to all of that.

    I trade C, S, W intraday every week and find that there is ample news that comes out every week that affects one or more of these contracts. If C is slow and choppy there's a great chance that S or W will have some movement to them.

    I also really like how they tend to "honor" support/resistance levels and you don't get as many games as you see on the ES or other index products where you'll see a hard S/R level violated by a couple 3 ticks just to turn around and head the opposite way.

    They certainly have a mind of their own and there are little quirks and things you have to keep your eyes open for, but overall I'm actually enjoying trading the grains as much or more than the ES.

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