why conservatives were blindsided over election results,

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  1. conservatives live in an echo chamber, they are not receptive to evidence that goes against what they already believe:

    “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Team Romney’s polling cluelessness comes after years of conservatives demonizing pointy-headed academics, including scientists. On subjects like evolution, global warming, the biology of human conception, and even macroeconomics, conservatives have been increasingly bold about rejecting the consensus of scientific experts in favor of ideologically self-serving pronouncements. That attitude may have contributed to their loss of the White House in 2012. It will be much more costly for the country as a whole if it doesn’t change before the GOP next captures the White House.

    George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a good example of the kind of damage that can be done when elected officials choose ideology over expertise. Bush didn’t just ignore the many experts who warned that invading Iraq was a bad idea. The ideologues were so convinced the war would go well that they massively underestimated the amount of preparation that would be required for the occupation to go reasonably smoothly. As a result, the aftermath of the war was much more chaotic than it would have been if experienced experts had been more involved in the planning process. Many more people died and much more property was destroyed than would have occurred with proper planning.”
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  3. Bush didn’t just ignore the many experts who warned that invading Iraq was a bad idea.

    How many times did you want us to ship off and protect Kuwait against Iraq?

    Where was greenpeace when Saddam set dozens of oil wells on fire? Chicken shit organization.
  4. i thought it was weapons of mass destruction that bush was after? you guys need to get together and agree on a talking point.
  5. LOL! And the left doesn't have it's own echo chamber? The left won because they happen to have more people in their echo chamber. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. you can say that after experiencing et? the left is motivated by data and evidence. the right is immune to evidence and data. look at the debates on religion,global warming,taxes,wars.
    as a lark try posting a scientific piece on global warming here in et. the usual suspects will come up with all kinds of bs to discredit the science. stuff like the scientists are faking the data to keep research grants or obama just wants to use climate change to kill freedom. all kinds on nonsense.
    you just dont see that kind of anti intellectual thinking on the left.
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    the left is motivated by socialism/communism which has the entire western civilization mired in unsustainable government debt.

    the left supports many brands of pseudoscience and belief systems unsupported by data and evidence: multiculturalism, egalitarianism, afrocentrism, communism/socialism, post modern deconstructionists, feminism, environmental justice

    all of them more dangerous than anything on the right

    There is more anti-intellectualism on the left than the right, it is even institutionalized.


    I'm not sure how many times you need to be presented with evidence as we have been down this road before. Your mind is like an old pong game , you seem to be able to hold onto your little idealogy and that's all there is memory for.
  8. The left is motivated by data and evidence? The data and evidence on every social program shows a failure of epic proportions. Education a complete failure. Complete breakdown of the family structure. The data shows that throwing money at a failing program results in proping up organizations that continue to fail at an ever increasing cost. The solution the left comes up with...throw more money at it. And this is what you call the party of intellectuals?:eek:
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    What a colossal steaming pile of shit.
  10. wow socialism and communism. how about fascism and marxism and maybe even hinduism. words from the angry white guys(kids) who have no clue what they even mean. i think i hear an echo.
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