Why civil unrest is not out of the question in the United States...

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  1. I just came back from the Mercedes dealership where a lady was hopping and screaming about having to pay $40 more then they should have...what happens when people are unemployed too long, their houses foreclosed upon and they have run out of money? After seeing what I have seen in life of people going nuts over small bills, what will they do when it gets real bad and they lose all their money?
  2. Think what would happen if these 4.4mm unemployed "organize"?
  3. Highly doubtful.
    95% would have to be good at taking orders...
    McDonalds rarely gets my order right.:D
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    imagine the ones that start to figure out they will just take what they want and the fuck with the rest of you's....now that thought is scary...peace
  5. WTF do you think will happen? If people have no money, no hope of making money but still want to eat and whatnot, wtf do YOU think will happen?

    Use your brain please, the answer is quite simple. Let's hope it doesn't get that far.

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    Civil unrest is very possible.

    On a widespread problem such as banks going down, ATM's not working, there aren't enough Police, Military in the US to put a dent in it.

    This is why I own guns, and will protect my family with them. I bet odumba wishes he could disarm the US right now, so he can control us completely.:mad:
  7. Just what the hell were you doing at the mercedes dealer. :D
  8. Trying to sell sell sell.:D :D
  9. I did experience momentary cognitive dissonance when I read that. And I felt so bad for the poor, poor lady who had to scrape together the extra $40 from her meager income to buy her Mercedes. :cool:
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    I bet it was over service or some fee, not over the price of the car. And this is likely why she has the money to enjoy a mercedes because she doesn't tolerate getting nickeled and dimed for crap like this!

    The rich value $40 as much as any other sum. No sum is too small to piss away.
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