Why cities like Vallejo, CA are going bankrupt!!!

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  1. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/03/30/MN7OVQOPK.DTL

    Many city employees racking up over $200k in overtime pay.

    Even some park ranger pulled in close to $265k.

    Looks at Vallejo firefighters' salaries, $190k....

    I'm sure this crap goes on in every city in America.

    I remember when I lived in Boston, several city employees got fired for unnecessarily racking up contractor $$$ for that Big Dig project. Also, I believe police officers there average about $150k.

    If you're not doing too well trading, go become a firefighter or a policeman!
  2. 260k for a park ranger? 190k for a firefighter? And I thought trading is where the money's at...
  3. And don't forget.. we taxpayers get to pay for their retirement/healthcare, even if we don't have our own.
  4. Yup, if you're not making over $200k from daytrading, consider becoming a gov't employee. :mad:

    Plus, I'm sure their benefit packages are pretty generous as well whereas we, daytraders, have to pay everything ourselves.
  5. While cities can afford generous employee compensation when tax revenue is pouring in, it causes fiscal problems in lean years like this one, said Tom Davidoff, a professor at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.


    Professor of business? Perhaps a professor of business might question if taxes are too high to begin with rather than saying "affordable compensation".
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    You couldn't pay me enough to be a police officer in the US. Quite possibly one of the worst jobs anyone could have, I don't begrudge them a penny.
  7. 8,000 city employees in San Francisco making > $100,000

    2012 city employees in San Jose making > $100,000

    1333 city employees in Oakland making > $100,000

    Gotta love that OVERTIME!
  8. hey they gotta make big bucks to support their 2 beadroom1 bath stucco fire trap they owe $1.2 million on.

    let's be reasonable.
  9. do people here really think 100-200k is a lot of money especially for people who are 40-50 years old?

    google alone probably has a few thousand employees who make 6-figure compensation and many of them are in their 20s and early 30s.
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    I agree, it's not that much for a skilled worker at that age. In addition, that article mentions the anomalies, they should mention the median income for those employees also.
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