why CHINA'S market will crash ---

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  1. ever go to a casino? who are always there? the chinese.
    ever notice the decorr is always created to cater to the chinese and their supersticions? thats because the chinese are great customers/they are huge gamblers. that is their culture and that is why their market will implode. their stock market is nothing more than a craps table. its so bad that people can't find ways to execute trades.
  2. Yaaaawn wasn't this bubble suposto burst last year?
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    it will only burst when almost everyone is convinced it wont.
  4. it may not burst for another 2 years. point of the post was to remind everyone of the chinese culture. they are huge gamblers and the stock market is just another craps table. different than the U.S. The U..S market is a black jack table.
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    ahh ok. now i see the difference.
  6. The backdrop of the impending Olympics makes for a good set-up.
  7. sorry for the rant guys. just bored today.
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    Acutally, I completely agree with you. They LOVE to gamble but I agree that is will probably be a few years from now. The fact that Proshares just came out with an ultrashort China ETF should tell us that we are are not there yet.
  9. thats a good point.
  10. Is there any market that doesn't crash at some point?

    Of course China's market will crash at some point.

    The real question is when?
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