Why China will rule against all odds.

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    It seems that the Westerners these days are more apprehensive about China than of their own cyclical and manufactured financial crisis. No doubt for me to state that the so-called ‘Peaceful Rise of China’ as officially claimed by the top elites of China is/are on the Confucius way of establishing ‘peaceful society’ and ‘harmonious development’ in the anarchic International system. I came across this article http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/why-china-won-t-rule where Robert Skidelsky, Professor Emeritus of Political Economy at Warwick University and a fellow of the British Academy in both History and Economics, is very much confident by determining that China would not rule, of which I’ve critically presented against his propositions through quoting off from his article, as given below :

    Is USA still the superpower? I suppose NO. USA seems to be the major power as the debt structurality of Uncle Sam is rising every minute and now ‘officially’ summates at $14 trillion. Unofficially, I’m unaware. However, it’s the illusionary and colonial consciousness that builds a common belief upon the statement of “USA is the Superpower” - - in addition by the ‘low Standard and very Poor’ like rating agencies who have no other business than manipulating. Therefore, the (such) ‘rogue states’ are obviously bound to be underestimated by the so-called rating agencies who’re overtly and covertly funded by debt-fool Uncle Sam. To begin with, China is still a developing economy and it has also officially claimed it. Measuring of the development and developing indexes, research methods, parameters, etc. are yet debatable due to its subjectivity. The Bible like predications that China will overtake USA (in terms of GDP) by 2016, 2017, 2020, etc. are none other than biblical judgments. Multilateralist China may have peaked at second largest status but it is not on the basis of GNP or Human Rights.

    Don’t tell me that America made the planet Saturn. Every time Americanizing the America is not completely justifiable. The author has not mould in the Asian twist where East Asia lead by Asian Tigers and South Asia lead by India do submit spices on the issue of China. USA, to neocons, is an Independent economy, but to the Pragmatist, USA is dependent on Asia. It has been also discovered that 21st century belongs to Asia. The core nations off the East and West, say North are dependent upon on Asians. China’s rise, despite of twisting in USA, is not only at the expense of Uncle Sam. The author forgets to mention that Russia, Radical Islam and Resourceful Africa also represent an existential challenge to USA.

    Here is the line. The author tends to argue from the perspective of Universalism. The author could have detailed some of those attributes that are required by the (any) world power. China does play a responsible role in the global order through the mechanisms of UNSC, regional forums, etc. and it’s not only China alone, probably all the semi-periphery nations perform that specially through multilaterality.

    With the so-called asymmetric economic variables as highlighted above illustratively serve that China is on the developing stage. China’s “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” is rational in its own facets; therefore, the Nov. 2008 event of liquid infusion is not a BIG deal. How about Obama’s recent ITEU? Protectionism is inevitable.

    Dengism is relevant in all the arena of China. “Bide’s one time and hide one’s capability” functionalizes the economy of China, be at domestic and international level. It’s not an ‘urgent’ case in China but for sure in US where the top policy makers need to think better. I hope you’re aware that 80% of American Congressmen aren’t aware of elementary economics. China is, in fact, doing much better on Savings & Investments in East Asia and Africa, say now Eastern Europe too.

    It be not mandatory for China to do that like what debt stuck $ is undergoing. The Economic model of China is unique to itself and must be not confronted with what $ has done. Recently (first week of June), Yuan did marry with Japan’s Yen for the direct exchange trading and this is what Dengist China under Jintao is gradually moving on by being not carefree.

    Wen has call for political reformation in order for the China to continue developmentalism and prosper. By Dec 2012, the then Pres. Xi would be initiating Cultural Revolution 2.0 to systematically liberate certain arena under political and social field as acting upon the 1982 Constitution.
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    Per Pew Research:
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    Superpowers are made from inner doings and developments not from relying on external factors.

    Chinese economic miracle is all low cost manufacturing orders from the West. The day west develops very efficient robotic labor the Chinese boom will go out with a whimper.
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    'Master' and 'Slave' relationship are relevant in Confucianism. The (this) doctrine [Made in China] defines the 'Great Leap Forward' for the Chinese society to gradually and systematically consolidate the Chinese spirits by sailing the so-called developmental path proficiently.

    Years like 2006, 2008, 2009, etc. respectively observed rise in political protests and social unrest from hundreds to thousands - - - per year. If I happen to not exaggerate the issue then blame on my non-Westernization.

    Chinese political system is facing severe protests like that happened in early 1900's, 1960's in USA and the very recent 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. Such activities are politically natural as China is in the transition stage from developing economy to developed economy. But in case of USA, the economy seems to be peaking down from developed economy to developing economy - however - its the low Standard and very Poor like rating agencies, Military Materialism, etc. are pumping up the status of USA at the expense of Global Economy. Kipling's "White Man's burden" is now kiplingly "White Man is himself a burden". And the revolts ain't a habit but are the attributing and contributing factors towards Servomechanical Cybernetics of Chinese system.

    Talks over 'One Child' Policy are experiencing the stage of incremental decision on the desk of top elites. However, such policy since Dengism have benthamized qualitative use of Population. Therefore, the unemployment rate and inflation is comparatively better than that of Uncle Sam. Read this? http://www.economist.com/node/21543160

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    I am not sure how much the US Governments have funded so far the reports of this institute where in Germans who feel the naziest way of being an Economic power in EU, West, etc. raise out 62% upon China?

    I wish that the Communistic Western laborers could eat non-GMO food and possibly focus on health building through Yoga, Tai Chi, etc :D
  7. Impossible as long as US dollar is pegged to OPEC oil.