Why chart data in trading platform are not displaying real sales?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Pholeuon, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. I have big doubts how exact is what we see in carts. I do not speak about approximate data in some charting software but about my Etrade Pro trading platform - I thought that it must be exact.

    Yesterday Wednesday 17th October was executed my sell order 300 DISH at 18:22 for $49.98. I sold it at INET.
    But on my chart I see at that time sale just 200 shares and price $49.49. So it is not truth there - difference 100 shares and $0.49 in price.
    I wonder what we see in charts? How it is reliable if we see something that is simple not truth. Are we receiving fake data?

    Second problem: I set Limit to sell Wednesday 10th October about 15:30 for 400 RTI to $82.69. At 15:43 /at minimum 10 min later/ the price was up to $82.80 but it was not sold.
    I see wick on 1 minute candlestick up there on chart now but I was observing it live, it was not so quick, price over my target was as minimum 15 seconds. When I complained my broker told me that maximum reached price
    was $82.67 but I see in my charting still
    the price up to $82.80. Can somebody look in your data and tell me where is the truth?

    Can somebody comment both examples above? I am mad from it. Especially the fist one from aftermarket hours when was nearly no activity looks to me not understandable. I sold it directly on ECN so it is not possible that broker sold me something from inventory.
    It looks that we see in trading platforms fantasy and not exact activity, as minimum not in mine.
  2. A lot depends on the quality of your data.

    99% of Pros use Thomson, Reuters, or Bloomberg quote data...
    Which costs from $300 to $1,500/month.

    This gives them a huge advantage...
    Over people using cheapo, Tier 2 quote data.

    To deliver quality data free or for $10/month.

    Tier II data vendors are scamming you in countless ways...
    Using any shortcut to keep their costs low...
    And they rip off the exchange fees they charge.

    NO reputable vendor collects NYSE Exchange Fees... EVER.
    The trader is ALWAYS billed directly by the NYSE.