Why cant you "get it"? We are going into a recession!!!

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    This post is for those who wish to read and understand. Its not for the usual psycho babble clowns who haunt ET every single god damned day of the week!

    The government is 40% of GDP and when that pulls back what do we have? We have a recession!
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  3. for sure if republicans are elected.
  4. No one cares, why are you so paranoid? A recession is the best time to make money. I thought all the Ivy League Dunces knew that :D
  5. Why is this in "Trading"? Trying to trade off of a chart of long-term GDP?
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    If we are going into a recession the junk bond market (which is ultra-sensitive to recessions) hasn't gotten the message yet. In fact, today the proxy for the universe of the junk bond market - the Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II Index closed but a hair off its all time historical highs.
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    we are not! You are going into a recession :)
  8. More blowingup posts from emg.

    GDP is still growing, and the market's rising due to inflation. There's still high unemployment, and the market is going up because commodity prices are increasing while the dollar's going lower.

    What happens? All prices increase due to inflation and the revenue lines of companies grow as they pass along commodity costs from cost/push inflation. A kind of moral imperative for companies to keep up their margins while charging more for less product.

    This is a scenario where the market does well, and it doesn't matter if the US is in recession because the markets will keep going up and people will think that the market's doing well when it's doing lousy.

    I wake up waiting for 100 million iPhones to be announced sold in the next 3 quarters.
  9. NEWB trolling posters need to be BANNED for trolling in the wrong section. This belongs in the CHAT section. Can't you read Mr Blow Up?
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