Why can't "the solution" be LOWER taxes, NO deficits, SMALLER government...?

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  1. and ZERO INFLATION... Instead of the opposite?:mad:
  2. Because politicians want to be reelected and will do what ever they can to accomplish this. Pave a few roads, help a few friends, etc. ....
  3. Because we are a bunch of weenies running around asking "sumbody do sumpin".

    Well, we are all busy except for the gov't, so they do sumpin.
  4. Aok


    Because baby needs a new pair of shoes gnomey. And somebody gots to pay.

    If you are an able bodied bum on welfare you should not be allowed to vote. You're just going to vote for someone to give you more "stuff"

    Obama: Savior of the Universe!


    John McBush? Fart in the wind will live longer than him.

    Amerika is in trouble.
  5. LOL... actually guys, it was a rhetorical question.

    I KNOW the reason why... it's because The Powers WANT it that way.

    So y'all keep that in mind come November... everyone who casts a vote is merely choosing whose prison bitch he's going to be.
  6. Lots of luck for us. We are answering rhetorical questions and now you expect us to vote. Boyahh.

    "You have to sign this document in two places."

    I asked if it would be okay to sign it in my office and then in the parking lot.
  7. Actually, I'm fancifully hoping that everyone boycotts the election and NOBODY votes come November. At least that way the politicos would have to ask, "what's the matter"?
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    Because then the people who produce no value wouldn't have a way to survive.
  9. Cutten


    Grossly inaccurate financial & economic education.

    Vested interests.

    Government based on majority vote and redistributive/progressive taxation.
  10. Actually, this has to occur if the US is going to become super competitive with regards to globalization.

    Government should simply be viewed as just another input cost to production....nothing more, nothing less....

    To win the globalization trade war game, the free market will move to where efficiency lives....

    Whatever the political system is made up of....what must be clear to those in the system is that efficiency is the name of the strong and succeeding, and that inefficiency is the name of the weak and failing....

    There is a lot of complex confusion all about nothing in the US.

    Labor cost, Legal Largesse. Medical, Education, Taxes, Energy....all these costs have to be reduced.....as they are a drag on productivity and global competitiveness....

    Even the legal largesse is killing one of the most efficient games.....non-interest non-obligatory capital in the name of common stock. The US government/SEC seem to be doing their best to make sure that capital formation will seek other geological boundaries....

    So just what is the F'in mystery to US political types ?

    Chavez is marching down the road of self destruction....and so is the US....

    Things are not changing....because people are not changing them....

    Why ?
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