Why can't the left handle a black man in congress?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Savant, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Savant


    I just don't understand the hatred. I can't understand why race is still such an issue for these people. First the defense of slavery, then the KKK, now death threats to black congressmen. When will the hatred end? Why can these racists not deal with the fact that there's a black man in congress?
  2. Imagine if there was a black guy as president? No doubt they will accuse him of not being an american.
  3. Savant


    "I think he might not be an American" = "racist"/hate but, threatening letters and death threats = not racist/hate? Gee, that's not selective logic.

  4. Lucrum


    It's liberal "logic" from one of ET biggest dumb ass liberals.
  5. I wonder what party has more black americans in congress :cool:
  6. Because a black man in a position of power, not subscribing to their slavery entitlement programs, is a threat to their entire existence.

    The last thing the dems want are black Americans empowering themselves, having two parent homes, finishing high school, going to college and opening small businesses.

    Who would vote for the slave drivers if that happened?

    Look at the statistics on black america since the 'war on poverty' began. It's miserably worse.

    The numbers don't lie but the liberals are masters when it comes to lying.
  7. Because guys like you keep threatening the lives of black Americans who don't work for you.