Why can't the Dems come up with a real winner for 2008 ?

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  1. I am hardly following US politics but I get a sense they are setting up themselves for failure again ! And that would be a shame . God forbid a$$hole Giuliani wins the election. But having milked his 9/11 "accomplishments" for all their worth the guy seems a favorite.

    Only Hillary is the heavy weight , but she is seen as a socialist , plus she is a woman that would be a first.

    Obama is black, that would be a first as well.

    Long shots

    Gore is a bore and lost in 2000

    Edwards lost in 2004

    Biden supported, even pushed for the war in Iraq if I am not mistaken

    Bill Richardson is the wild card but he is trailing in the polls isn't he?

    shit , come up with someone better or do you really want more wars, more shenanigans, more violation of citizen's rights and more international ostracism ?
    really ?
  2. Pekelo


    Hey, you go into an election with the assholes you have, not the ones you want. :)
  3. TGregg


    It's the same for us conservatives, sad to say. Feaken McCain and Julie as front runners. :p

    With any luck, this election will give more momo to the various ideas that make life easier for third-party candidates.
  4. Moderate rebuplicians and democrats and independents should get behind Richardson. He looks like the most level headed canditate from either side.
  5. Sam321


    I wouldn't underestimate the Democrats. You have to realize that Democrats have a perpetual advantage over Republicans: Democrats rely on the least common denominators in human nature: racism, ethnocentrism, and class envy. Republicans, on the other hand, must rely on natural leaders to inspire the individual.

    It’s easy to find any charming fool to get everyone fired up against the few and powerful. The dirty little secret is that the few (the best and brightest) moves everybody up. (The dirty little secret is that institutional racism and sexism are gone, unless you’re in places like the Islamic world; Poverty in America is someone living on welfare with running water, a bathroom, a dishwasher, a plasma TV and a car port.)

    Republicans require natural leaders to consistently win power. Democrats only require lesser politicians and bureaucrats to hustle their tried and true pet illusions of racism and class envy to gin up any public --fodder for more government control.

    If Republicans hire the same coaches, think tanks, and other consultants to advise their candidates to speak safe, soft and “moderate” like Democrats, they will lose in 2008.
  6. Intelligent.




    Energy driven.


    Hard working.


    Extensive understanding of politics, and the realities it creates.

    In your face east coast attitude, to satisfy the wuss repub pretenders.

    America first.

    And punk rock cred:

    Ladies and gentleman, i give you,
    HENRY ROLLINS for president.

    :cool: As an independant, i guess....
  7. The Democratic candidates hardly inspire confidence.

    However, as long as Republicans either promote (or even more bizarrely, actually believe in) this type of thing, as stated above, immigrants will continue to take over the US.

    Real Republicans must cringe when they read this type of thing.

  8. Doubtfull tradernik, nobody would or could tell the difference, one way or the other.

    People are shopping from the same bargain basement bin, nobody will notice the difference at the checkout.

    Thats politics.

    Henry rollins for president.
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    No doubt the guy could be a leader. But the question is where would he lead us?
  10. Apparently you never grasped the concept of the Peter Principle. Bush I, Bush II, classic examples...

    We have a system that allows dimwits to rise to their level of incompetency, to become the leader of this country, and Bush II has illustrated just how absurd a system we have in place...

    Take ignorant repugniklan dittoheads and give them the right to vote, and Bush II the village idiot is exactly what you get...

    Nothing is quite as disturbing to witness for the past 6 years the Peter Principle in full display for all the world to see...and for all the pea brained repugniklans to deny...

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