Why cant Romney put in the same effort as Perot articulating his plan/ideas?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by noob_trad3r, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. BSAM


    Brother Check, I don't see Perot as a failure.
    Remember, he ran a third party and made a huge impact.
    A sign, then, of things to come.
    It's the only hope for our political situation.
    Perot was a pioneer.
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  2. i wish ron paul had the balls to run third party. he could make a huge impact too.
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  3. Brass


    No, you just have to understand that the especially radical element knows how to time their attacks to get the wider support of airheads who would otherwise not necessarily be as supportive. It's all in the timing. You provide the spark, and they'll provide the fire. Time and again. And you just can't help playing with matches. Now go ahead and draw a few more feet of freedom rope.
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  4. He ran as an Independent and I voted for him over Clinton/Bush. And he actually got on the Debates. He provided a valid alternative.

    Sad that he did not win, I think we would have been better off today.
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  5. good point, as a 3rd party candidate a win isn't necessarily a good barometer of success.
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  6. Ricter


    If the US government ceased all spending today, with the exception of making the interest payments on its debt, it would be taking in somewhere between five and six times as much in tax revenue as it would be paying out. (Some consideration would have to be made for GDP shrinkage, of course, unless you believe GDP would grow, which makes the case even better.) We are solvent, we are not becoming Greece.
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  7. You, who is you? As if we are somehow to blame for this idiotic movie. I wonder if you and these crazy Islamists can catch the irony in all this. The fact that virtually no one in this country ever even heard of this movie prior to their rioting. The "spark" is that they are extremely violent and we happen to be breathing.
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  8. Brass


    The important thing is that you defend the making of such movies and the burning of korans knowing full well that innocent lives will be lost somewhere in the world, because it will be used by evil bastards as an excuse to incite hatred among unthinking crowds while they perpetrate violence. And guys like you keep falling into their hands with your "freedoms" outrage and a complete disregard for the real world, warts and all. You know that definition of insanity, right, doing the same thing over again expecting a different outcome?

    And your solution? Go and bomb everyone, innocents be damned. Man, talk about recruitment.
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    Your "breathing" includes defending the very conduct that elicits the outrage of unthinking people who would otherwise not necessarily be incited by the thugs who wish to do you harm. You defend the idiots who keep giving oxygen to those who wish you dead.
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  10. jem


    Romney is not putting out his plan... because he knows that after tax cuts revenues have gone up.

    As keynes actually stated... he plans to grow us out of the debt... but if he says it, it will give the media the ammo it needs to guy him... because the media has been lying about tax cuts and gdp for 30 years.

    reagan cut taxes... revenues went up... bush cut taxes revenues went up.
    kennedy cut taxes revenues went up.

    keynes stated in a recession you cut taxes and grow your way out.

    Now why does the left pretend otherwise?
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