Why cant Romney put in the same effort as Perot articulating his plan/ideas?

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  1. Perot did, he made the effort to explain the issues and his idea to govern using prime time minutes to show the public the risks (which he predicted correctly) and explain how he would fix things.

    Romney is a Business man, why not do something like Perot did?
  2. romney doesnt have a plan. he just wants to double down on bush 2.

    every expert that has looked at the romney tax plan has said it makes no sense.
  3. Because in the early 90's it was fixable. Now it's not, so now all we get is another set of convoluted figures from both sides of the isle which everyone knows is complete bullshit. We're pretty much left with just buying time hoping for some Alien race to come help us out of our predicament . Is anyone one out there, there, there, there?
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    Illegal aliens?
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    Hair meet fire.
  6. I would take a Bush 2 without the destructive Pelousi Democratic controlled house.

    The whole started to fall apart right as they took over the house in Jan 2006. Spending went through the roof
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    You're as dense as...Brass.
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    Neither does Odumbo
    Too late, Odumbo already did that.
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    the fact is we can't be saved without some pain and the democrats will always claim the no pain road by making the government savior of all. You can't sell pain. The left creates more pain yet it is somehow always sellable since they spread it around to all. Stupid people believe in fair and a gov't check, it's too hard to fight a parasite majority.

    we have been set up for a massive decline, I thinks it is irreversible. liberals will take us there quicker with their false promises and ruinious fiscal, and now monetary, policy
  10. Yeah, well then tell me how it's fixable. Cut taxes, raise taxes, there won't be any jobs. Cut spending, raise spending, no jobs. End the war, start a war, there will be no peace. The decesion was made 30 years ago that there was more money to be made destroying America rather than rebuilding it for the 21st century. Those that made the decesion don't much care where they live. Several billion dollars buys a lot of freedom regardless of your home address.
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