Why Can't Liberals Make it on Talk Radio?

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  2. Easy, Liberals, as you call them. People who went to college , have a degree who engage in critical "thinking," need more that the 5 min ramblings of a mad drug addict btw two "bug Gold" ads that Talk Radio has to offer to make up their mind about a serious subject .
    Educated people READ. You know ,these printed artifacts that don't have pictures on them.

    I listen to Rush, Hannity and O'Reilly from time to time to gauge the stupidity of the average GOP caller and revel in my intellectual superiority.

    Talk Radio is for retarded right-wingers.

    Typical exchange.

    "Hi Bill, this is Craig from NC"
    "What say you Craig ?"
    ""Obama will lose, Bill, he's toast"
    "Acorn, you know, Anti-American, liberals"
    "Huh ? what say you Craig, what Acorn"
    "Bad, Un-american, liberals, tax transfer"

    This pretty much sums us pretty accurately an average call.
  3. HA your saying the democratic base reads? Most of them are not even literate.

    If the the talk radio guys are so amazingly stupid than why don't liberal talkers take over that avenue of media. All talk radio liberals get horrible ratings.

    Are you saying that everyone who listens to the radio are retards? Maybe they don't have time to accept welfare and read radical blogs and are instead being productive members of society.

    Lastly anyone who revels in their own intellectual prowess shows no ability to judge any type of issue with any degree of accuarcy because you clearly do not have the ability to understand the fact that it is what you don't know that matters.
  4. TGregg


    Supply and demand. You get liberal opinion delivered to your doorstep every morning, and liberal opinion on the Big Three networks every evening. You get liberal opinion when you go to the movies or watch one of the hundreds of award shows (except maybe the country music ones). You get liberal opinion from your teachers in public school and your profs in college. You get liberal opinion from the heavily pierced guy making your $5 latte.

    That's a big supply. And when supply outstrips demand like that, the price drops. Nobody wants to listen to all the commercials on talk radio to hear a liberal opinion they can get anywhere else.

    Before Limbaugh, you could not get a daily dose of conservative thought except for perhaps a few local papers. Love him or hate him, that's one of the reasons he rakes in a cool million a week just in his radio broadcast. There's still a shortage of conservative opinion. Ironically, it's the liberals who made Limbaugh what he is today by flooding the country with liberal ideals and surpressing conservative statements.

    And today, you can't even get conservative opinions from Republicans, so Limbaugh's income is only going to go up. :D
  5. Conservatives have some pretty smart people as well. They convey their ideas through the editorial page of the NewYork Times, Washington post and the WSJ (David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, George Will to name a few)
    The Talk Radio and FoxNews Crowd belong to the Palin demographic. They don't think, you throw their way three of four recurring washed out slogans (tax cuts, law and order, Jesus, babies) and they nod approvingly i like the gentle sheep they are. "Thinking" requires an intellectual effort beyond their innate abilities.
  6. If you think the New York Times conveys conservative ideas then you must being living in a cave. The majority of any fair political website has both political affiliations involved and the new York times are always involved and they are always liberals. This makes me think you know nothing besides the narrow minded beliefs you have.

    Sorry but this really hurts your arguments.

  7. I have no qualms exposing Hollywood / network media as machines pushing their extreme leftist ideological agenda on me.
    I dislike the liberal media as much as you do, BUT that doesn't give Rush and Sean any shred of credibility,
  8. The New York times has a news section (neutrla)l and an editorial section. The have both liberal and conservative writers, get your facts straight.

    Bill Kristol -- Conservative (he's always on fox news)
    Tom Friedman (liberal)
    Maureen down (Liberal)
    David Brooks (Conservative)
    Krugman (Liberal)

    and so it goes.......
  9. Liberals would eventually tell everybody what they actually think if they were on the radio. Have you tried to listen to Air America?? It stinks!! Obama is currently saying he's not a socialist but he is for national health care and income redistribution... they just can't be entertaining because they are slack wits from nowhere, and they can't be informative because they don't ever say what they really intend to do... so turn on Air America and you will hear 50 different ways to say "hate Bush"......
  10. As the black community goes, we tend to vote liberally consistently. But if it doesn't have a beat, or it is requiring any reading and/or studying of materials, we are not going to heavily participate. And for those who do, it won't be for long or in large numbers. :)
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