Why Can't I Trade with the Trend

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  1. Every trend day or period like the last 3 days I always have trouble trading with the trend.

    I'm always looking for that turning point so I can hop on for the big score..

    I most likely need to work on my plan for trading with the trend.. and force myself to do it until I become more comfortable..

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    You can trade with the trend, what is stopping you? Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your method of determining the trend.
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    Totally. Although in this market it's tough to figure out what the trend is. Jeez we could see a day that NQ makes new year lows and YM make year highs on the same day.
  4. I really dont think its that difficult. I use three ma's. When they are above one another and sloping down or up I have a trend and start looking for pullbacks. When they are entwined I stand aside. I have not been able to get the hang of countertrend trading but I tried for a long time.
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    It is all in your mind. You are trying to pick tops and bottoms.:)
    It can be hazardous to your wealth.
  6. It has been..

  7. I like picking tops and bottoms. I like trading trends too but you need to trade each one very different. Since we are talking trend buying you need to do that small and build up to size on weakness. When you buy on strength it can still go down and still keep its trend.
  8. Go back to study your charts carefully - you probably need to add rules on conditions that you deem "trending" to not picking top and bottom.

    One thing you can check out is ADX on a higher time frame.


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    if it look like this, perhap it is trending
  10. Lets be generous and say that Markets trend 33% or the time and the rest is back filling...of course this depends on time frame...For me the only way I can ride a trend is by using Multiple contracts...I am mostly a day trader who takes small targets very often and when I am lucky I catch a longer term trend.....Why would I try to catch someting that only happens 33% of the time when I can make money the other 66% of the time and Occassionally catch the longer term moves...Having multiple contracts lets me do that.....I personally like to see trend changes on lower time frames which sometimes turn into longer time frame trend changes...

    So if I get a 15 minute trend change from higher highs to lower highs and lower lows then perhaps the 60 minute may do the same thing.

    It can be frustrating to watch a market drop like the S&P's but that is not the norm...you need to come to terms with the fact that it happens twice a month or so and I may miss the big move....again time frame is key....a two and 1/2 day drop in the S&P's is huge for me.......it may just be a small blip on the screen to a daily or weekly player

    Best of trades to you

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