Why can no one suggest a real prop firm on this section of the forum

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    Why can no one suggest a real prop firm on this section of the forum that is not about prop training. I do not have 10-25k to open account with IB or Bright. This is prop section and you think it would have more positive stories about firms people are at instead of all the bad stories scams. I do not want to join a firm that trains traders, then they trade there funds. if they really could trade they would just buy more shares and do it them selves.
    I have my own system I just want to join a real firm that just has traders that trade.

    I used to trade at ephinany and worked with small investor
    Please only respond to places that you trade at.
  2. why not just trade your own funds and keep all the profits if you don't like it? Prop firms are in business to make money and the economy has gone to shit so there's too much risk involved for fully-backing people you don't know.

    I've had great experiences with prop firms. There are A LOT of prop firms that have 2500 or 5000 deposits. I can name over a dozen off the top of my head.

    If you've read the boards you'll know there have been traders who have found firms with minimums of $1500 that charge 30 cents per 1k shares and provide free training.

    Don will probably agree that the market has gotten very competitive for prop-firms but the economy can't support the model where the trader has no skin in the game.
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    this is what I mean, if you no of legit prop firms why will you not post them, there are a lot of traders like me asking for help. $2,500- 5k can do.
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    where are you located?

    if you are US - then prop is extremely tough.
    you have to join a CBSX firm, pay pro data fees, get fingerprinted, etc.

    if you are foreign.. then you have some room.
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    I am located in the USA, Maryland. Since trading remote the company does not have to be one in the USA. Apple is in China. Just looking for a firm that will not close down and take funds. Thanks for help.
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    This is a general question. Honestly, can prop traders really make a living with a $5K deposit and the leverage offered by a prop firm? It seem like a tough battle that requires very few mistakes. Every trader makes mistakes. And when guys deposit that $5K, is that typically borrowed from family, all the traders available assets or just a balance of putting up as little as possible for risk purposes and there is more in a bank somewhere?

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    It is very hard to make money on 5k is the real answer. Even with a great system. Time you pay these montly fees:
    $100 for internet
    $100 for charts data
    $250 desk fee
    .005 commissions

    The numbers are against you from day 1..........
    My reason is only to aquire data so I go to the next level. To trade for someone.
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    I've never heard of someone with 5k on 20:1 making it. Maybe some rare freak of nature, but most with that 5k are going to slaughter.
  9. it probably has more to do with their lack of market experience, than the 5k. imho
  10. Yeah, 5k is not going to get you anywhere. If you're willing to use the 5k to accelerate the learning curve, being in the market is probably better than paying for a course without real experience. For n00bs to get their feet wet and not make such a big commitment, it makes sense to just put up 2500 or 5000 to start and refund once you need to, especially nowadays.

    DO NOT EXPECT 2500 OR 5000 to earn you a living. There is no way an investment of $5000 will yield you any type of significant income. As long all of that, putting up less capital can be a good way to break into the business.

    I also felt more comfortable putting up 5k and dealing with the firm first before I put up additional capital.

    The following groups offer 5k or less deposits

    Broad Street Trading - 5k
    Capital Traders Group - 1500 for scalping, 2500 for regular trading
    CY Group - 5k
    JC Trading (The sponsor of this forum) - 5k
    Lake Street Trading - 2500

    If you want to go with a broker overseas your $$ does not have the same oversight as if you are CBSX registered but you can trade for less. Being registered and license also helps your future. You go ahead and list it on your resume because you will learn a lot by participating actively in the markets.
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