Why Bush Needs To Be Impeached

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    Bush needs to be recalled (impeached). Here is why...

    As successful traders we need to keep track of world events and policies that effect not only markets in which we trade but economies. We need to form firm determinations and base our trades upon those decisions grounded in our equipoise and proper judgment.

    First let me be clear: I do NOT support terrorism in any form(s) or guise. I am AGAINST terrorism and its ways to try to influence mass thinking.

    Having said that, I am persuaded that, in the leaning of George Soros regarding George Bush, GB needs to be recalled.

    Not only that, but he needs to be held personally accountable for the deaths of the US and allies militaries during his ordered occupation period, tried as a criminal in the world court, in addition to being tried for the deaths of ALL innocents who suffered harm and death due to his ordering the US military to Afganistan and Iraq where 1000s of innocent people have been slaughtered by the weaponry of the US and the allies who were influenced unrightly by GB and his staff.

    Also, he and his direct staff need to be personally sued by those innocent families who suffered wrongful deaths and wounding.

    This will send a clear message to the future generations of presidents of the USA.

    It will clearly say: Even angels, who once went to God seeking permission to destroy "Evil" people in the Earth, the wisdom of God denied that request, saying,

    "...Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

    "Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn." Mathew 13:29.30.

    The message it will clarify is this: Both good and bad dwell on this planet. Mankind is the reason for this, not God. Yet God Himself, and only God, has appointed a day ("in the time of harvest" - Judgement Day) in which He Himself will make all final determinations among great causes towards nations, as Bush seeks to do regarding creating wars and endless death of people of other nations in his ongoing attempt to root out "Evil" from among people, making final judgement(s) (that only God can and should make) against nations and people.

    This entire structure of "pre-emptive strikes" is a single shade away from The Inquisition in the Middle Ages, that was also founded in spiritual doctrine that was WAY off from sound life-sustaining principles.

    Furthermore, Bush's regime and policy of ridding the globe of anything and everything (human beings) that he and his staff have reserved divine rights unto themselves to loosely interpret as "terrorists" or a cause of "terrorism" is so closely aligned to acts of terrorism itself that it is literally causing divisions of peoples and nations as people cannot divide the two apart, and that blurred line may cause massive turmoil to the economies of nations - that, in itself, has potential to cause more harm (financially) to individual people, as global economies shift out of balance in response to Bush's continued pursuit and policies, than all wars and isolated random acts of terrorism have caused to date.

    The main principle here is this: No one leader can jet out in differential from among the UN and NATO and OPEC, etc., to undertake separate massive military endeavors. No one no matter what title they wear in whatever nation.

    It is evident now, as we see nations' leaders stating that they went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan under false presumption and lies, that Bush did NOT act in alliance with UN members.

    It is also holding true that his war against Iraq was done in false signals that tried to tie terrorism and Saddam/Iraq together.

    No leader can afford to jeopardize the overall well-being of his own nation's populous or others by making massive military strikes under false, fast and furious, knee-jerk reaction/reason(s) by overreacting to a single isolated event (such as 9/11).

    Also, Bush's entire structure of pre-emptive strikes against nations that are questionable as they pertain to WOMD and how those nations in question may in the future someday be harmful to innocent people is NOT founded in sound global what is best for everyone policy.

    When all is said and done Bush and his staff are equal to government seat-shiners/workers, similar to post office staff - they all just hold temporary government jobs, and in no wise do any of them hold the proper creditials to make such catestrophic global decisions that require much more wisdom and understanding than these mere government job shufflers embody.

    In conclusion, the mistakes and errors Bush and Blair have done cannot be undone, however, more sound structure can be put in place, that will pertain to all future leaders of not only America but other nations, that the world must act in a fully united way to determine what is and is not harming people globally, and act OR refrain from acting accordingly.

    Unless Bush is recalled, the USA's equities and currency pricing may very well suffer massive unbalances contrary to the sentiment and agreement of G-7, G-10 and G-20, that will in turn create huge economic havoc soon in the markets and related economies of nations.

    We MUST impeach Bush and replace him with a leader and staff that has a sane and sound policy towards doing what is best for not only Americans but ALL people under the sun.

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    I don't miss Sadaam and his regime. He invaded other countries, used chemical weapons(which can be classified as WMD's) to annihilate tens (perhaps 100' of thousands)of thousands of people including his own people. Tortured only God knows how many 10's of thousands people, robbed his people blind and let those that weren't part of his gang(i mean gang literally) suffer. Lived an unimaginable lifestyle(yes probably more so than the rich you most likely abhor here in the great US) all at the exspense of others. But I don't know I guess you thought it was wrong to fight the Germans in 2 wars and Musselini. Oh wait what about the Milsovic? Was it okay for Clinton to attack with NATO. About the only similarity that Milsovic had was practicing systematic ethnic cleansing like Sadaam. Otherwise he had no where near the wealth to obtain Chemical, nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, he never invaded other countries, he never mustard gas or the like to eliminate innocent civilians. Oh yea, and NATO and the useless UN are still over there trying to install a government and give freedom to all. That war was fought by NATO and led in part by former canidate Gen. Clark, who just about; along with the Clinton admin., managed to lose that war and leave that part of the world even worse off.
    Anyway I'm sure you are happy you got a reaction. I agree God would prefer we not slaughter each other, but God doesn't want us to stand by and let Hitler, Muselini, Sadaam, the whacko in N. Korea, etc, etc, etc to kill off all his children. God gave us the ability to reason and determine when enough is enough and when action needs to be taken.
    No one claims the President is perfect or the US for that matter, but we sure as hell make an effort!
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    I'm afraid you're not arguing from a position of strength there :p
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    Is there a moderator even here anymore?
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    Or the garbage can.