Why British Government is the stupidest in the world?

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    Liberalism demands suspension of reason. Brits are Liberal... therefore unreasonable things will happen to them and their lives will be that of unreasoning idiots. Who gives a rat's ass what happens to stupid people anyhow?
  2. I don't think we have the stupidist Government in the world but we do have the most indulgent when it comes to minorities of all kinds. We managed to put a stop to the abuse of children in convent and Jesuit run schools then we let this happen. :mad:
  3. Lucrum


    This is what "tolerance" and multiculturalism will get you.

    On on brighter note, is it just me or is that reporter kinda hot?

  4. yeah, I think she's hot.
  5. You guys a re pathetic

    Kids are beaten in a muslim school in the middle of Britain and this is all you have to say??????

    No wonder muslims will dominate the whole world because western civilization has become so weak, they tolerate anything now.
  6. Genital mutliation is performed in American hospitals by American doctors.

    What do we have to say?

    "Corrective surgery."
  7. We have freedom of religion in the US, so why is Britain the stupidest. Are you stupid? [​IMG]
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    I'm pretty sure I saw this story and those same pictures about two years ago, so I have some doubts about this article. It could be recycling old news and presenting it as new.
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    I could care less what happens in the UK. The english have taken a giant shit in the middle of their living room. Let them enjoy it now.
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