Why being awkward makes you more likely to succeed

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  2. He just described what it takes to be an ET, extraterrestrial trader. o_O

    I'm thinking along the likes of Japanese traders CIS and BNF, Dan Zanger, and Jesse Livermore,
    Weird, or socially awkward, people can sometimes be perfectionists and truly last out a long grind to be really excellent at something.
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  3. The handy thing about being a little obsessive is you don't necessarily go straight out and buy a nicer car or whatever, the equity builds until you really don't know what to do with all the money. ;)
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    I find myself in this situation. I love cars but just can't take on depreciating assets like that.
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  5. I bought a classic replica a year back, the good ones appreciate in value. Especially if you can get some hybrid action going.

    You can go merc or whatever however... classic beauty and a Subaru Impreza underneath ;)

    I should add, I have another classic car, original spec.. a beauty but too much effort really.
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    Jay Leno says his best investment was his 1994 McLaren F1.
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  7. Not bad, an early/mid 90's McLaren F1 is considered one of the Godly cars in the Supercar World,

    But that statement still makes him sound like a poorly-skilled investor or trader.
    You could have grown that initial amount into something much more grander during that era and up to today still o_O, :cool: