Why be in cash now?

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    Yep, I agree because all sectors of all of the various markets are going to do nothing until the spring thaw and hibernation is over! Did the ground hog come out ??
  2. Market is overbought and ready for an extended pullback.
  3. agreed
  4. Conservative Daytrader? :confused: :p

    LMAO, now that's an oxymoron if I ever I heard one, and your statement is complete bullshit as well.

    Better yet, just don't trade if you're scared.
  5. Give me something to learn from. That's why I'm here. Teach me. I'm open to learning from more experienced traders. Trying to get some dialogue going here. Hello. Hello...
  6. This is a good time for daytraders. I am not sure what a conservative daytrader is, but I tend to feel more comfortable in markets that are a bit range bound, but not so range bound as to have all the volatility squeezed out.

    There looks to be an established range, and yet there is some nice volatility to trade off of.

    If a daytrader is going to sit on the sidelines, I recommend that it is something akin to last September, when the Gubmint just up and decided one day that you could no longer short financials.
  7. I took profits on MSFT and AXP on my long term portfolio on Friday because I think we are at a short term turning point in the market that every one has been expecting.

    I'm 33% cash now and looking to buy use all the free cash up at around Dow 7400. Thats around 50% retracement of the current run. Also, it would set up a head and shoulders scenario. I hate to use technical analysis in this current economy but that's about the only thing making sense right now.
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    Go drink a Red Bull and park your lazy ass at Borders and read a few books on price action and market profile.

    You are not going to be spoon fed on this site amigo.
    Markets go up and markets go down, every day.
    It is never a good time to be in cash if you can trade.

    I think you need to discern the difference between trading and investing.

    el surdo
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