Why auto unions never learn?

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  1. Because someone told them what they wanted to hear:

    The dollar is too strong. :confused:

    Management is too greedy. (talk about the pot calling the kettle black)

    They deserve a decent wage by virtue of the fact that they are Americans.

    Foreigners use unfair trading advantages.

    blah, blah, blah.

    It's really rather pathetic.
  2. It's about as absurd as trying to negotiate a better deal when you already signed on the dotted line. :D
  3. AAM built a new building a few years back. I am sure as the workers drive in everyday they see this and feel they should get more.

    But lets keep it real. $65/ hour pkg??? FOr assembling Axles????

    Thats what has killed Detroit as it is... Too much Greed. Workers making 100K per year to put Batteries in Jeeps..... Beyond ridiculous.
  4. Workers making 100K per year to put Batteries in Jeeps..... Beyond ridiculous.


    Sad part is, they don't appreciate it, and blow off work as if they were making $10 an hour. They file grievances, impossible to fire and bitch, bitch, bitch.
  5. Auto unions are just another mafia. They were never intended for the benefit for the workers. They were created to enrich the union leadership.

  6. Union custodians make 48 dollars an hour.
  7. bdon


    Don't forget the arrogance of the big three to cave into the unions for decades believing they would never be usurped in domestic auto sales and could piss away the money and it wouldn't matter beacause they would just print more.
  8. Back in the 70's the long time auto workers, if you worked at GM you drove a chevy, you worked at Ford you drove a Ford. The children of these guys started buying Toyota's, (and other foreign makes) drove them to work. They would get flack about being "loyal" (and to an extent I can understand the old guys point).

    Many of the guys used to complain about all the foreign cars parked in the U.S auto mfg plants.

    But when Dad's Pinto or Maverick kept breaking down because it was a pos and the son's Toyota got better mileage and better qualty, the decline was bound to happen.
  9. I was a product of a GM family and defected. LOL. I had 2 American P.O.S. andthen I bought an OLD Honday that needed a clutch. Drove that car into the dirt and was Foreign ever since. Now I am buying a Suburban. Sorry TOYota. Never liked you and Honda doesnt have an SUV suburban sized.
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