Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

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  1. Anyone can ask questions. Now bring some evidence to the thread.
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  2. Yeah, and Khomeini was Jewish, JFK was shot by Zionists, Elvis lives in a trailer park in Alabama, and Martin Luther King was an alien.

    Get a life, Bit. Really....
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  3. achilles28


    They never were.

    BushCo cooked the evidence - fit facts around the policy.

    Everyone and his sister working CIA Intel during the run up has gone on record toward this.
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  4. Sigh. People who don't know how to do research, shouldn't do them or they'll just discredit the cause they try to advance.

    There are simply not enough data on the website you cited to know exactly what conclusion can be drawn from this study. However, there are a few things that I would like to know before believing this study.

    1. Why did they not test all cell phones at each location? At 8000 feet, at first sight it seemd that only one out 6 calls was successful. However, they had 5 cellphones but tried only 2 of them at NW location. Given that C3 started to fail at NW location at 4000 feet ("frag" no complete word), one should expect it to fail at 8000 feet. We don't know, for example, whether at NW location, the other 3 cellphones would have worked. C4 failed at NW at 6000 feet, so it would probably also fail at 8000 feet. But still, If one of C1 or C5 worked, you would actually have a success rate of 40% at this location, a far cry from the 13% claimed by this work.

    2. Why did they not test any of the S locations at 8000 feet? There is not enough data but if I have to guess, the success rate at S would probably have been 50% at 8000 feet.

    This study is so amaturish, it's completely worthless.

    How far does a cellphone signal carry on the ground? The cell towers typically use a grid about 3-4 miles apart. 4 miles would be about 21,000 feet (that's twenty-one thousand feet). If this experiment is to be believed, most people would have trouble getting good signals on the ground.
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  5. I don't think cell phone towers have spherical range. It's eliptical on the ground, that much I know, but I'm not sure about how high they go.

    I'd look it up but my research is shoddy and I don't want to discredit whatever cause it is I'm trying to advance ...:D

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  6. Get real? Reality is the last thing these goofs want to deal with. You make an excellent point, but that won't deter them. They won't let facts or common sense get in the way of a good story.
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  8. Actually it's not quite ellipsoidal (3D version of elliptical). It's like a lobe shape, with the least signal strength directly above the towers. The further away you're from the tower, the higher you can go and still get a decent signal. Until of course you're so far away that you won't get a good signal even on the ground.
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