Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

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    WHY WHY WHY...

    Why were the petrol station videos taken by FBI outside the Pentagon, never seen by the public, this is no different from plane video flying into towers. National security mask is bull ..????

    Why have the black boxes data not been made public, they found 3/4 of them ???

    Why are the USA top journalist elite not into this like flies on s**t, where are there balls ???

    Biggest disaster since the WW2 and there are many questions that could so easily be resolved.

    I am not from USA, so I can speak freely as the FBI cant get me here, I hope...

    Is Hoover still there with Elvis ??
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  2. Forget about them getting real.

    2 things about these loonies-

    1- they are all true believers

    2- they all get some kind of gratification about talking about some kind of 9/11 conspiracy. Just look at the last few pages here, they've all been talking to themselves. Seems to me that it points to some kind of mental/chemical dependence.

    Because :
    a) like the adrenaline addict that gets their relief when they jump from an airplane, or
    b) the nicotine addict that gets their relief when they get their cig, or
    c)the heroin addict when they get their hit....

    d) the conspiracy addict gets some kind of gratification - perhaps an endorphin release - when they talk about the whole 9/11 "conspiracy".

    In short, they're all just junkies. And now, with their repetitious argueing about 9/11, they've trained their brains to only respond to MORE argueing about 9/11.

    It's a sad thing to watch....
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    Most recent respondent worked for Nixon, thinking every thing is ok ?
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  4. lmao that's a straw man argument. the fact they didn't plant wmd in iraq doesn't necessarily clear them of wrong doing. loose change: that's not a source that has a lot of credibility; the most credible sites have not been any where near debunked. the official debunking sites are fema/govt backed and have presented the same fallacious, made up evidence of the commission and nist. it doesn't stand scrutiny and it's accompanied by blatant lies even in the opening paragraphs.
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  5. i think many people are missing the whole point here. a lot of very intelligent, logical people are not saying the govt did it, they are saying they want more investigation. i didn't watch loose change thinking that i was just presented with lots of facts or evidence that proves beyond any doubt that govt was behind it. I walked away with more questions than I had before I watched the film, which was the whole point! hence it being called 'loose change'.

    I am extremely doubtful that the govt/bush had anything to do with 9/11.

    its not about conspiracy junkies getting their fill of drama. its about tax payers with reasonable questions which have not been answered and seems will never be answered. im not saying bush blew up the towers.nor do i care for conspiracies. but even if you hate alex jones, mm, etc, why wouldn't you want these seemingly reasonable questions addressed? what do you personally have to lose?

    someone needs to take the time and money to tackle all these issues with some scientific rigor that goes beyond the current culture of hearsay that exists now on the internet.
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  6. "lmao that's a straw man argument. the fact they didn't plant wmd in iraq doesn't necessarily clear them of wrong doing."

    it's not a STRAWMAN argument. i suggest you look up the definition of the term. i was a philosophy major in college, and it annoys me when people misuse this logical fallacy.

    regardless, what you meant is that my argument wasn't COMPELLING

    regardless, i think it is (just one of many) that are.

    a chair is a chair is a chair. bushco cannot SIMULTANEOUSLY be amazing engineers of a hyooge (and evil) conspiracy AND weak and incompetent on the subject of WMD's

    it does not pass the smell test

    the "evidence" etc. that they were involved is mostly incredibly laughable, but the smell test is especially compelling
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  7. You may want to check up on the definition of 'straw man' before you attempt to use it in the future. There was no attempt to attribute an argument to you.
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  8. Yes, your post came to the rescue of another man.

    I guess it is okay if you are Gay...:D
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  9. Wrong. I think religion is stupid. How about you?
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  10. Yeah, well. When someone calls me ignorant because I have an opinion
    then I have to bring up something to give them to think about.

    This probably went over your head.

    And you are just another guy defending another guy.

    It's okay if you are GAY... Is this why you live in Canada?
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