Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

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    I am not defending anyone, just pointing out how dumb many of your posts are.

    And what is with the woman comment - on top of everything else you are sexist too?

    Thank you for proving my point..."You really seem like a bitter, angry, childish person."
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  2. actually, watch the few minutes before that for the pancake debunking. god i love it when these idiots reference pancaking not knowing the govt/fema/nist abandoned that stupid fantasy awhile back and offer no explanation for the collapse. FOOLS
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  3. Would someone please tell me why we haven't heard a word about the unusually large put purchases- on the airlines,insurance stocks,et all-2 days before 9/11 @Bear Stearns. Nothing from the SEC or anyone.
    Funny in that number one or two guy there was ex -CIA director.
    Do we smell another cover up ??
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  4. Sounds like Kreskin put in an order
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  5. nothing to see here boys... now move along. go join the military and kill some erebs.
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  6. I'll start off by saying I am canadian. Responding to some of 77's posts, since when was 9/11 a america only issue? Many non americans died that day, it changed the world for all of us, esp civilians living in iraq. As for the irwin comment, the only thing i'll say is that you probably already know what we all think of you.

    The main questions I'd like to see answered about 9/11 is why did most of the wreckage get shipped off before any kind of forensic investigation could take place? If the towers fell due to a failure caused by heat/stress, the wreckage could have proved that.

    Why is there evidence of seismic events before planes hit? even though the parking lot bombing earlier didn't register. how come some videos show a shuddering of the camera right before collapse? Suggesting large explosives tied to the ground in some manner.

    In some videos why does it seem like molten metal is flowing out of the windows right before the collapse and not before?

    why is that support beam obviously cut using some kind of cutting explosive (note the melted metal around the cut). because firefighters are present in the picture, not construction workers, I am assuming this picture was taken before clean up started taking place. I refuse to draw any definite conclusions about what happened that day until I get the full story behind that picture. For the people who don't believe loose change etc, is my view unreasonable?

    Building 7. "Because the loss of life, we decided just to pull it", so fire on a few floors, too much to put out, they send people in to install explosives which cause the building to fall PERFECTLY, almost like they had the weeks to design and plan the demolition which most demos of that size need.

    And the most obvious question that even people who live and die by the official report should be asking. Why was more money spent on presidential fellatios than spent investigating one of the worst tragedies in american history. it is widely accepted that the commis report had way too many holes, one being not even mentioning the 47 box column supports in the buildings. I believe stating that the structure was supported by the outside walls.

    Seriously, why not reopen the investigation, spend more money, and answer EVERY SINGLE question any american has about the events that happened that day. If not every american, how about just answering the questions from people who had loved ones taken that day, they deserve that much at least. Id like to hear arguments against reopening the investigation, other than just saying 'stupid high school drop outs are making all this up'.

    And before I get flamed, I present these links and ideas as questions, NOT evidence.
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  7. Walterjennings,

    Couldn't have said it any better ! :cool:
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  8. Just a tip of the iceberg here..........



    BTW, do some EXTENSIVE research and see what documents/evidence for some major court cases was in building WTC 7.

    and who occupied WTC 7 on 9/11..............

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  9. Well spoken, the voice of reason won't die.

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  10. LOOK, loosechange is a joke, and has been debunked thoroughly.

    but that fact aside, the whole conspiracy thang does not pass the smell test... here's why...

    assume for the sake of argument that bushco et al were "in on" the whole 9/11 thang.

    we are supposed to believe that the SAME administration that did this (assisted or even organized the killing of people in WTC I and II and/or flew a missile into the pentagon, and/or etc.etc.)

    is the SAME administration that invaded Iraq , to a large extent because of causus belli of WMD programs and weapons ( i realize there were numerous other reasons but that was the primary one), would not go as far as to


    they would do all this nefarious stuff in 911 to assist in the killing of innocent americans (Which would be an IMPOSSIBLE conspiracy to pull off, regardless, but i digress)... but they would not go as far as to plant some basic WMD's in IRAQ when they KNEW their failure ot find them would destroy them politically?

    that is absolutely inconceivable.

    think about it. it's a very basic smell test thang

    otoh, they are honest enough not to plant WMD's (which would be Much much easier to do than the stuff that loosechange claims they did), and to take a tremendous political hit because of the lack of WMD's

    get real
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