Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Digs, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Bitstream, are you here?

    I can't see you because you are on the "ignore the ignoramus"...:D
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  2. i sure can see AND smell u.
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  3. I still have not heard one person ANYWHERE explain to me how massive explosions in the WTC basement SUB-LEVELS (that shattered glass and marble walls in the lobby) was done by planes hitting above. How in the heck did an explosion happen in the sub-levels of one of the WTC buildings BEFORE the plane hit.......OOOPS!!!!!

    Check out this video at time hack 27 minutes and 45 seconds.........

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  4. Heh heh... Steve Irwin... that's the best comeback you've got???

    Wow, even god is embarrassed for you :)

    As for execution reports I'll just have to live with all the traders that thank me for making them money... let me know when you'd like to make some too ;)
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  5. the lack of respect from this idiot is mindblowing.
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  6. You know God? Where is he? Does he exist? Did he take Steve?

    Where did he take Steve? To heaven? Where did Steve go?

    I always thought an alligator would get him instead of a fish...:p
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  7. newtoet


    This wins my vote as dumbest post of the year (so far) award. Congrats.

    edit - actually the one above this is in the running too...
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  8. u got a tree near where your trailer is parked...well, do a smart thing and go hang uself there.:D
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  9. You mean you can read? Wow. Must of finally passed the 2nd grade then! Yipee!
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  10. newtoet


    You really seem like a bitter, angry, childish person. I feel sorry for you.
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