Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

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  1. another image of the helicopter at the pentagon taken from the sheraton hotel security camera.

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  2. evidence of cutter charges around wtc, just before the onset.

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  3. Only morons believe in conspiracies that didn't happen. (9/11).

    And fat pigs like MM make money off of them.

    If MM was so "passionate" about his "work" then he should give
    his millions to charity. I bet he doesn't give hardly anything at all.
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  4. Daal


    How about this for evidence:
    the high school dropouts get exposed for all their manipulations and lies
    The part that they claim the bin laden video where he admits he was behind 911 is fake is the best. those morons from loose change didnt understood a thing about muslim traditions and tried to build theories out of a thing or two they read on wikipedia
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  5. typical of u. only capable of spew. when more than half of all americans and in a late poll more than 83% of americans believe there's a cover up, by your own conclusions, usa is a nation of morons.

    how anti-american of u.
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  6. 1) Phones worked fine from Flight 93. How do you think they knew
    the airplane was heading for the Capital?

    2) The BBC doesn't have evidence that 8 or 9 hijackers are still alive
    unless you think they rode the WTC down to the ground intact...LOL

    3) No blood or bodies from Flight 93? Do you want the coroner to
    send you a sample or what?

    Yes, you are not American, that is why you WANT TO BELIEVE America
    is corrupt.

    You have been had, like lots of other simple minds not from America.
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  7. The minute you stop asking questions you may as well hand your balls over to a Stalin or a Hitler

    And "guessing" what MM does with his money is ignorant in the extreme, why don't you tell me what Bush does with his money while you have your crystal ball out
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  9. i saw the first video and was a pathetic attempt to dismiss the efforts to search for the truth. that idiot that made the video accused the loose change guys of not making a connection between northwood and 911 like if a connection was really necessary. again, later he tries to dismiss facts like the removal of dogs before 911 plausible since terror alerts were 'normal', when they were never removed ever before. then on another video they accuse them of lying about the pentagon hit that dont show both engines slamming into the building but decide to brush it aside and build a straw man. then it accuses them of saying it was not a rolls royce engine when the loose guys only said it was not an engine coming from a boeing 767. following are all superficial, straw man arguments.

    they didn't counteract any argument made and certainly not the evidence. utterly pathetic attempt at ridicule and to boot.

    if u rather believe an internet loonie over dozens of scientists and govt insiders that's your choice: those videos certainly dont qualify as 'evidence'
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  10. From Australia right? Want to talk about ignorant? How about Steve
    Irwin? Now he was the most ignorant person I have ever seen.
    That's why he is dead. He sure thought he was smart...

    Tell you what. How about posting some execution reports in your
    Simple Profitable Trading thread to prove you aren't ignorant.

    I bet you can't...:D
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