Why arnt Americans asking more questions on this ??

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    Some very intertesting evidence in the video lile

    1) Moblie phones couldnt work from 32000 feet from within Flight 93 in Sept 2001, well not until 2004 in American Airlines anyways.

    2) The BBC have evidence that 8 or 9 of the hyjackers are still alive, months after 9/11 ?

    3) NO Blood or bodies found by coroner from flight that fell into ground in Phily...

    I am not American, but S**t, I think you guys have been had ??

    Did you really land on the moon ?
    That Micheal Jackson is not an alien !
    Tom Cruise is worth 40 Mil a movie !
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    See Screw Loose Change. The people behind this movie are a bunch of high school graduates who are too biased to make any kind of documentary
  3. where have u been all this time?

    go search for 911 threads down in P&R/chit chat.

    the quantity and quality of evidence against the govt is absolutely staggering.
  4. Some of it is questionable but there are also far too many questions unanswered... something smells fishy

    Is the 160 billion verified? and if so why is no one making a fuss over it being missing?
  5. even if u take out the most questionable stuff u got left with a mountain of evidence that no jury in the world would easily dismiss. from witnesses testimonies to actual facts and amazing coincidences.

    the kindest thing to say about this administration is that they let it happen. and that's not as far as u can go with being kind.
  6. People making money off of 9/11 are being disrespectful to the victims.

    I wish I could puke on them, starting with Michael Moore.

    Imagine the money these turds would of made off Pearl Harbor.
  7. all of the websites seeking for answers are non-profits and struggle to stay alive. they all rely on donations and just to keep things going.

    your post is utterly misleading. those that profited from 911 are only elements in the administrations with deep ties to oil-defense-security companies and the companies themselves and u know that yet not only condone it but even praise it.
  8. Michael Moore believes passionately in his work and money would be secondary, people just want answers to some very difficult questions, only morons believe without question
  9. i wonder what was doing a helicopter hovering above the pentagon at the exact time that thing hit the building.

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