WHY aren't you people buying real estate''-Dave Ramsey

Discussion in 'Politics' started by murray t turtle, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. I like/love Dave Ramsey. He probably has forgotten more about real estate/Tennessee RE than i ever knew.:D

    He got excited this wek & said ""WHY are n't you people buying real estate... best buying in 50years....!!!

    Well, I live/study trends in TN & watch TN RE trends as well as 7 states touching TN; not that those markets are the same-RE doesnt work that way.

    3 good reaasons not to buy much;
    or not buy RE at all, now .

    [1]JPM/J Dimon said we have hit the bottom in RE;
    but i study RE trends in TN & US for past 20 years, & have bought on average every 3 to 6 months.......:D He/BAC should have disclosed they have lots of forclosures/conflict...Even IF he/ BAC sold ALL thier FC this year, its stilll a buyers/bear market.

    2]BAC said we will hit bottom in 2013;
    so much for thatso called ''prediction''-they moved it up to 2012/election year, now . I bought one property in 2010, none since.Even though i tried to buy[cash...] more-plenty of BOTTOMS [plural] in a bear market/buyers market.

    3]Case Schiller 10 year,100 year charts are mostly downtrends;
    meaning if you like low prices, look out below.And plenty of real estate apprisers talking about banks ''Iceberg Inventory''

    FLA [no state income tax, like TN, TX,silver state, ]],maybe hear of some multiple offers on houses;
    but not only is it an election year, but gov is selling some FLA FC homes with $300 dollars down......LOL:D