Why arent the US accepting 2 million iraqi refugees

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Im just wondering, there are 2 million iraqi refugees, and you have literally 10's of thousands applying for refugee status in the states. The americans owe these people, any iraqi the right to move to the states. The americans owe them the right. Including free education and healthcare.
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  3. lol coming from a people who say 18 is old enought to die in iraq but not old enought to buy a beer ;)....come on you know your country is really messed up, when you have laws like that. Oh since im back, over 1000 more americans died, 300K iraqis, and 10K more injured americans for life :p....longhorn why cant you admit, the war was wrong, and when you think the war is right you wont even accept 2million iraqi refugees into your country.

  4. but seriously longhorn, after all this time why cant you admit the war was wrong. For so many reasons. you have your president saying you invaded to bring liberty, for the iraqi people. But your country refuses to allow millions of iraqi to move to your country. Why? You claim to stay in iraq to fight terriosm, but you refuse to bring in hundreads of thousands of troops, even thought it would cost your country 100's of billions. Its insane. Look at the sheer amounts of deaths. You argue about how many has died weather its 50K or 500K. But if 3000 american civilian died, you would have a yearlong mourning period, with a billion doller mermorial. Even look at virginia tech, less then 20 people died. A sucide bombing at bagdad university killed scores, no news coverage, nothing. I dont know how you americans can look yourself in the face at night. Seriously, you have to admit, its a huge moral and ethical blemish.

  5. repugnants aka goppers are two faced mfs.
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  8. lol, you got to admit I was right about everything about iraq. Everything. What is your opinion about the war in iraq. Come on you have to admit it was morally wrong. And when you think its right, you refuse to allow 2 million iraqis into your country. You owe them.

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    because we are still in the process of having all of mexico, india and china move here

    we just havent gotten to the iraqis yet
  10. Every liberal who ran for president the last 2 terms ALSO voted for the war. It doesn't matter who was elected, we would have been at war w/ Iraq. Check your democratic votes and quotes.

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