Why Aren't the April 16 Options Listed Today?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. I know I should know this, or I shouldn't be trading...

    But my positions are listed on my positions page, but the list of April 16 options are not on the options page. It's like the Monday after expiration, and they're gone.

    Thankfully my positions are OTM spreads expiring worthless, but what if a person had the market move against them?

  2. SPX, RUT or NDX perhaps?
  3. Sorry, yes the SPX.
  4. MTE


    The last trading day for SPX options is Thursday (yesterday) and they settled on the opening print today.
  5. I use ToS and have noticed the length of time a series is displayed after expiration seems to vary. I don't know if that is reflective of their feeds, or their decision.

    My main focus is when quarantined funds become available. For the NDX it is usually around Noon on Friday. However, the RUT is not always settled on Friday as some of the stocks it contains may not even open. Then the settlement rules for non trades kick in and I see the funds released on the weekend.