Why aren't republicans supporting Plexico?

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  1. I haven't heard a peep from any republicans supporting Plexico Burress's gun rights. Or do you just support white people's gun rights?
  2. I read an article today saying the DA wants at least a 2 year prison term. That seems very harsh to me for what was a case of bad judgment. It's not like Plaxico was out robbing people or kocking over liquor stores. They let plenty of violent offenders walk on first offenses, and I don't see the justification for a jail term here. It's not like he is likely to do it again.

    I typically am not a defender of knucklehead pro athletes, but I do believe he is getting caught up in the typical liberal anti-gun hysteria.
  3. If this is true, why aren't republicans rallying behind him?
  4. Are you that clueless?
  5. Are you referring to the accidental shooting?

    Down here that happens all the time. Somebody steps on another person's foot in a nightclub and they come back and put a cap in them.

    You cannot legislate away stupidity.

    but to answer your question..........black and white have equal
    second amendment rights. End of discussion.
  6. Not just white people's right but it is really hard to support an asshole who brandishes gun in the night club IN NEW YORK to impress ho's and shoots himself in the ass in process.
  7. But he had the gun to defend himself-- his 2nd amendment right, isn't that what you folks always say? What if there was a situation and he was able to diffuse it with his sidearm? If it was Tom Brady, the NRA would have held a rally in NY.
  8. Please cite where Republicans have ever supported discharging a firearm in a crowded nite club.

    Republicans support responsible gun ownership. Plaxico Burress was not acting responsibly.
  9. It was an accidental firing. Accidental firings of guns happen every day. Do these people not deserve the 2nd Amendment because they have an accident?
  10. If he wants to mount a constitutional challenge to the NYC gun laws, I am sure he will have the support of most NRA members. Obviously, he is not the ideal test case.

    I don't know why he had the gun. Maybe it was to play gansta, maybe he was concerned about carjackings, etc. I know this though. If it had been Donald Trump or Steve Cohen, the DA wouldn't be pressing for a two year prison sentence.
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