Why aren’t Asians Republicans?: Charles Murray investigates

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  1. Why aren’t Asians Republicans?: Charles Murray investigates
    When it comes to the 2012 Asian-American vote, Mitt Romney got trounced by Barack Obama. This, no doubt, prompted AEI’s Charles Murray to ask: “Why aren’t Asians Republicans?”

    “Asians are only half as likely to identify themselves as ‘conservative’ or ‘very conservative’ as whites,” writes Murray. This, of course, doesn’t seem to make sense:

    It’s not just that the income, occupations, and marital status of Asians should push them toward the right. Everyday observation of Asians around the world reveal them to be conspicuously entrepreneurial, industrious, family-oriented, and self-reliant. If you’re looking for a natural Republican constituency, Asians should define “natural.”

    Kind of blows away the whole 47 percent, “makers versus takers” argument — at least, as an explanation for all the GOP’s electoral problems — doesn’t it?

    So what’s the problem?

    Murray concludes:

    Republicans are seen by Asians—as they are by Latinos, blacks, and some large proportion of whites—as the party of Bible-thumping, anti-gay, anti-abortion creationists.

  2. More importantly they are seen as bigots. Since most Asians come from Philippines, Japan, China, or Vietnam, they know all about Western bigotry. They are not fooled.
  3. As a group Blacks and Latinos exercise their religion in numbers much greater then Whites.
    Blacks are much more anti-gay then Whites.
  4. Got any examples?

    Yes, white policy prefers blacks over asians when it comes to bigotry.
  5. The entire RNC debacle was bigotry. What is nice is the GOP has seen the errors of it's ways, and are going to get rid of the social conservatives.

    But to point to a specific example, look at Ohio and Florida where they tried to kill early voting, for obvious reasons. Some members of the GOP itself has said as much.
  6. Not really, the Allen West's of the black world might be, but most black folks are live and let live.
  7. But Asians are split 50/50 traditionally between Democrats and Republicans. I remembered reading during Bush's re-election, there was this report that tons of Asians were voting for Bush as he was lowering their taxes.

    What we can actually conclude from this election though is that the Republican party has an image problem.

    In any event, Asians would not really want Democrat policies if they were fully implemented. With 3% of the national population, They currently make up 20% of all student populations at the Ivies, in California where California voters banned affirmative action in public hiring, contracting and university admissions, they make up 35-40% of the UC student population.
  8. Now the real question is are they going to do anything about it. It does look like they have begun.
  9. "Not really"??

    What part of these statements are" not really"?
    As a group Blacks and Latinos exercise their religion in numbers much greater then Whites.
    Blacks are much more anti-gay then Whites.
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