Why are you proud to be a trader?

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  1. I'm interested to know what your reasons are for being a trader. What do you love about it? Is it the money, the risk-taking, the self-cultivation? What images or analogies does trading conjure up? Why are you proud to be a trader?
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    This is my first post on this board. My reasons for being a trader are simple: I love working for MYSELF, I love what I do and have passion for my work. I've never had a JOB that I actually woke up in the morning and looked forward to going. Since I became a trader, I can't wait to get up in the morning, I love the excitement of every new day, I love the competition, I love solving the puzzle. It can be very rewarding personally and there is no better job in the world for me, trading is my life. :cool:
  3. stop with the bs. trading is pretty well useless to society and is nothing more than an indulgence.

    as are many things. just be honest about it and keep the delusional bs to yourselves.
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    I am proud of being a trader because I am not a gambler who represent more than 90% losers
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    What isnt there to be proud of?

    I eat what I kill.

    I expect no mercy for my mistakes.

    I ask for no handouts.

    We are the modern day hunter gatherers who starve if we dont produce.

    I take nothing out of society.

    My bid/offer eases the pain on the other side.

    My income tax payments cover over multiple times the public services I utilize.

    And my expendable income helps to keep many people employed.

    keep going?
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    Don't take this the wrong way, but are you a successful trader? Because most of the successful traders I know believe that what they are doing is very important.

    You might be right that there are too many traders, but I don't think Paul Tudor Jones or Warren Buffet thinks like that.
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    Wow, well said and I absolutely agree. Although my excitement has been fading and I'm falling into routine.
  8. Enroll in a parachuting class. :cool:
  9. Agreed, also it's not an easy feat to accomplish if you have been a full time trader through bear and bull markets and still made it. You have to continually improve or at least roll with the punches. Alot of people would say "Day Trader?" and look down on it but I think its awesome. Same with pro poker players.
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