Why Are You Buying On Colin Powell's Report??

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  1. This one puzzles me quite a bit. I just can't figure out if you are being serious or ironic.

    I am especially intrigued by your opinion that an intelligent American citizen would believe everything a government official says. Is that supposed to imply America is so great, because citizens are not entitled to doubt the veracity of statements made by leaders?
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  2. I see. I guess we will know in a few months. What exactly was the reason we went into Iraq 10 years ago? Was it to leave Saddam in power and just make the populace suffer? Somehow I don't recollect the older Bush admitting it before he ordered the assault, but I didn't listen to all his speeches, so I might have missed it.
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  3. Lobster your post does not deserve a comment but you will get one anyway. To think our Government would forge something like that is nuts.
    I don't belive everything out government tells us , if anything they don't tell us enough , but in this case those tapes are real and our government is not making false accusations to support what some might call a hidden agenda ( OIL ) .
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  4. Lobster we went into Iraq 10 years ago because they invaded Kuwait .
    The biggest mistake we made then was not finishing the job that
    we will do now.
    Please go to CNN or another news source and update your knowledge of what is going on today.
    Let me help you first.
    Our 2 main goals for invading IRAQ in this order:

    1) Iraq has violated past and current UN resolutions pertaining to weapons of mass destruction

    2) Remove Sadam from power permanently
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  5. I understand your opinion and happen to agree with it. But I would not call someone who does not stupid.

    It is a well-known fact that few governments are as unethical as ours. Why do you think so many people hate our nation? Do you really think it's because they envy our wealth? Look at what we do with it. In most other countries people have less money than here, but they are also happier. They just don't pay $400 a month to cool down their homes to 65 degrees when it's 72 degrees outside and to heat them up to 75 degrees as soon as outside temperatures drop below 70.

    Maybe we should not discuss this here, we might be getting a little off topic.
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  6. Interesting. Like I said, we will soon see how it all plays out.
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  7. balda


    Lobster you are THE MAN
    I am with you brother
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  8. Lobster sez: "We go in, slaughter a few hundred thousand civilians and low ranking soldiers, make a new UN resolution and give Saddam another few years to comply, until the next president needs to unite the voting horde by means of a military assault."

    Lobster your theory is a little SILLY to say the least.

    First of all a the UN resolution is window dressing, we go in no matter what the UN decides to do.

    And there won't be 100s of thousands of civilians killed. You been reading too much of the Liberal Pap.

    Second - You don't have the faintest clue about the Military and the coming operations, so pay a little attention when it starts.
    You might get a little education.

    Saddam is going out, surely you can't believe that we would have BOOTS on the ground in IRAQ and leave Saddam in power - that is not happening.

    So you got any other theories?
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  9. This is a reply to the original post

    If you look at the volume, you will see that buyers were concentrated within a few minutes. For example, look at volume for the E-mini SP500, 5 and 1 minutes charts, around 12:30 am EST. Not many were actually buying into Powell's speech.
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