Why Are You Buying On Colin Powell's Report??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wasted_Daytrade, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. I am sure a lot of people have "certainty" that the US would invade Iraq even before all this UN mumbo Jumbo...

    did you have any doubts?? I did not
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  2. the telephone was weak?

    I guess your ears weren't working today? or was the phone conversation a fraud? geez.
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  3. thanks guys for your input!

    I think I have a good idea of why the market its buying:

    All those scared suits with flag pins in their lapels are finally grabbing balls and pulling out their wallets and buying because they feel patriotic, just like after September 11th

    And also just like after September11th 3 to 4 months later you know those same guys are going to panic sell like crazy
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  4. just joined in Feb 2003, very opinionated.

    Maybe i'm paranoid.

    could be his new m.o. alittle massaging before the kill.
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  5. I am so offended
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  6. Carlos11


    How can u believe audio recordings that provide no names and very little information about those on it? Who's to say our government didn't forge those recordings? There is absolutely no credibility in those recordings.

    The photo's and statistics however present a stronger argument (with which i do not disagree).
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  7. bozwood


    Some of the recordings named names.
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  8. The recordings were stone cold legit. NSA does this type of eavesdropping 24/7/365. Moreover, foreign intel depts. and governments know it is legit because they listen to the Iraqis themselves. It was telling that Powell only revealed Iragi military recordings. Guaranteed US has much more sensitive sources that it is unwilling to compromise.

    The only semi-plausible challenge to the recordings is if one argues that the conversations were taken out of context ... not likely.

    Lock & load!
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  9. I think that what Powell said and presented gives all the reason in the world, but think of this scenario...

    Especially you people that think the inspections should be given more time.

    The Inspectors can't find anything, and they are not going to find anything - Saddam is not STUPID.

    Iraq has "lost" TONNES of Bio and Germ warfare products and had years to disperse the products.

    Iraq borders are Syria, Iran, and Jordan.

    If I am a Terrorist Organization you think I could figure a way to get that stuff out of the Country?

    Who knows what has already left IRAQ.

    END GAME and the sooner we have BOOTS on the GROUND the better.
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  10. to that!
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