Why Are You Buying On Colin Powell's Report??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wasted_Daytrade, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. HELLO

    I believe buying on this report is ridiculous but if you have three reasons or any reasons plese list....thanks!!
  2. 1. patriotic frenzy
    2. money burning a hole in my pocket
    3. everybody else is doing it and I can't think for myself
  3. hey wasted, you must be wasted on some good weed. The writing is on the wall, if you can't read it that's your problem.
  4. All I needed to hear was the first telephone conversation intercept. He's got 'em!!

    And that's a relief to the market b/c now, we will get a multi-lateral coalition to rid the world of this maggot.

    where's my $10,000 ??? molo lobe???
  5. Sorry I am biased, or maybe dumb, but i dont see how Iraq has any real bearing on how the rest of the world trades...

    yes it is a war but are the people who live in the world markets hording? errr not really ... is anyone really fearing for their lives ... err maybe

    plus I mean everyone knows war is inevitable...so shouldnt everything about this ridiculous UN musical chair party already priced in???
  6. Plus I do not see a really really good reason why the US needs french permission to go to war, maybe German consent but the French??
  7. Haven't you heard "the markets hate uncertainty?" People are relieved the hear that Bush/Powell's chest-thumping posturing recently might be based on some kind of actual proof.... reduction of uncertainty, in other words, with regard to whether the UN and world community will understand and possibly even back a US/Iraq war, if it comes to that.
  8. why ask why?

    how many times do the markets just do whatever they want when someone important opens their mouth...
  9. Carlos11


    Those telephone messages were weak. I can't see how that would cause people to buy. The photo's however were more conclusive.

    Anyone buying out of "patriotism" deserves to lose their money! That is the most absurd thing i have heard.
  10. we couldnt give a rats behind about the french. Punch the next french guy you see.

    But we do want a consensus of nations, and they've been asking for some concrete proof, now they got it.
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